Category: Digital Infrastructure Services

  • Cloud Migration Services

    What are Cloud Migration Services? Cloud migration services involve transferring an organization’s apps, data, and digital assets from an on-premise data center to acloud provider’s facility. It may also entail shifting data and apps between different cloud platforms or providers. Key migration methods include lift and shift, re-platforming, and refactoring. Challenges There are various challenges

  • Agile Support

    What is Agile Support? Agile support is the application of methodologies, such as Scrum and Kanban, to manage projects with greater flexibility, collaboration, and responsiveness.  Agile support is a methodology designed to help customer service teams provide swift, personalized, and efficient support at scale. This approach aids businesses in managing projects with enhanced flexibility, collaboration,

  • Disaster management and business continuity service provider

    The Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity services aim to safeguard an organization’s infrastructure and operations from catastrophic events such as natural disasters, major IT failures, or cyberattacks. A Disaster Management and Business Continuity Service Provider is a specialized entity offering professional services and solutions to help organizations prepare for, respond to, and recover effectively from

  • Security Operations Outsourcing

    What is Security operations outsourcing? Security operations (SecOPS) outsourcing is the strategic delegation of cybersecurity monitoring, threat detection, and incident response responsibilities to a third-party provider. Challenges SecOPS brings together operations teams and IT security as a collaborative approach. SecOps outsourcing poses several challenges that organizations must address. Here are some of the common challenges;

  • Digital Workplace Service Providers 

    Define Digital Workplace Service Providers Digital workplaces are modernized work environments that allow workers to access information, tools, and resources seamlessly. Digital workplace service providers refer to the range of solutions and support provided to transform traditional workplaces into modern, connected, and productive environments. By transforming the workplace, digital workplace service providers offer companies secure

  • Edge Computing and 5G

    Define 5G and edge computing 5G is a fast network technology designed to carry massive amounts of data while providing low latency, high reliability, and high-speed bandwidth. Edge computing is a process by which computing and information storage are available closer to the devices that use and consume them. This approach removes data latency, downtimes

  • End-to-End Customer Experience

    What is End-to-End Customer Experience? End-to-end customer experience (CX) is the interaction between an organization and its customers throughout their relationship, from start to finish.  The objective is to deliver superlative CX to all customers across all devices, channels, and touchpoints in the customer journey. The focus is on holistic, human-centric experiences overall for the

  • Cloud Advisory Services

    What are Cloud advisory services? Cloud advisory services help organizations identify and adopt the right cloud strategy based on their business requirements. These services enable organizations to leverage cloud computing services, either through an existing cloud or a more modernized cloud model, ultimately bringing sustainable business benefits. Challenges Some of the key challenges include: Why

  • Cloud Outsourcing Partners

    Who are Cloud Outsourcing Partners? Cloud outsourcing partners are third-party providers that offer managed cloud services for businesses. They take on various tasks related to your cloud infrastructure, like infrastructure management and designing elastic architectures in the cloud before migration, to handling day-to-day operations like patching, monitoring, and security updates allowing the business to offload

  • Data Analytics

    Define data analytics Data analytics is the utilization of techniques and tools to analyze and interpret data, extracting valuable insights and patterns to support decision-making and improve business outcomes. Challenges of data analytics Data analytics is crucial for organizations to make data-driven decisions, gain valuable insights, and enhance business performance. However, it comes with its