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Fiber and wireless installations, 5G, hyper-automation, and AI/ML are modernizing the communications sector. The intersection of business and technological advancements has opened new possibilities for customers. But remember, the challenges of the modern world can’t be fixed with outdated methods of the past.

What does this mean to service providers?
A new strategy for operating and monetizing your network investments. Upping the ante of your customer experience. Movate creates responsive, software-defined network designs capable of delivering rapid deployment, high availability, and increased reliability. We offer a holistic framework of telecom and enterprise networking to transform the telecom business to align with these priorities, including omnichannel integration, platform porting, migration of capability/data, and platform-based transformation.

Stay ahead of your changing needs by combining the power of talent and technology to provide value in the age of 5G. Integrate data insights with our expertise to provide proactive support and network optimization.

Telecom and network engineering

From eliminating the digital gap to delivering cost-effective wireless service, telecom innovations are make-or-break plays. The broadest networks, most reliable services, and happiest customers don’t matter if the cost is out of control and profitability is compromised. At Movate, we don’t just focus on cost reductions, we also optimize operations. Adapt to the dynamic market with SDN/NFV implementation, cognitive business process automation, prototyping, and 4G implementation. Leverage our telecom and enetrprise network engineering services to optimize, simplify, and flourish.

  • Early warning system, anomaly detection, and prevention
  • Ground-up micro innovations for operations optimization
  • Build world-class networks, and attain cost improvement while delivering high performance
telecom and enterprise networking  with network engineering

Network monitoring and operations

Networks now span the globe, with many connections made between data centers, and public and private clouds. When it comes to network monitoring, Movate offers a user-friendly solution. Everything with an IP address and a connection to the network is monitored and optimized, including routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, wireless LAN controllers, servers, virtual machines, printers, storage devices, and more. Gain network control and visibility. Find the root cause of issues and fix them before operations suffer. Increase the agility of your networks, reduce costs and complexity, decrease downtime, and boost network capacity with Movate’s global network operations center (NOC) services.

  • Monitor network efficiency proactively with several thresholds
  • Monitor critical metrics such as latency, jitter, RTT, and packet loss to resolve network issues
  • Obtain real-time insights into issues in your network and resolve them effectively
  • Leverage integrated monitoring, configuration, and compliance on a unified dashboard
telecom and enterprise networking with network monitoring

Enterprise networking

Enterprise network services enable businesses to create agile, software-defined networking architectures that offer improved scaling, high reliability, and enhanced resilience. Our services include monitoring enterprise networks that use a wide variety of vendors and technologies, as well as fully automated operational management and real-time predictive network analytics. Security is our primary focus, and we handle even the most complex, high-performance, software-defined hybrid environments with ease. Reduce network complexity and costs, improve application performance access, enable internal and external cooperation, and transform a fragmented network into a unified one. Adapt to the changing nature of your industry with a unified, agile telecom and enterprise networking infrastructure.

  • Agile, resilient, efficient, and secure infrastructure
  • Automate and optimize your workplace network to facilitate rapid changes
  • Quicker application deployment and troubleshooting
  • Gain visibility and actionable business insights to improve user experience.
Enterprise networking spaces at Movate

5G and edge computing

This is the dawn of the wireless networking revolution. With high speeds, better reliability, and almost no latency, 5G will open up new possibilities for the mobile ecosystem. The powerful combination of edge computing and 5G opens enormous opportunities. Movate helps fast-track 5G rollouts with comprehensive 5G and edge computing services that work across the RF layer, optical/ transport network, 5G vRAN, and 5G Core. Its digital acceleration core leverages cognitive technologies, AI, automation, analytics, and augmented reality to drive network transformation reliably and cost-effectively.

  • End-to-end offerings including engineering, deployments, automated testing, network virtualization, monitoring and control
  • Digitized and automated 5G network deployments
  • Dedicated 5G and NFV Innovation Labs for technology incubation
  • Automated virtual network functions to create NFV infrastructure rapidly
5G and edge computing at Movate as part of telecom and enterprise networking

Accelerate. Innovate. Movate.

This reflects who we are at the core, what we stand for, live, and breathe every single day. This powers our brand and inspires every Movator to pursue excellence at work with speed and innovation.

Experience channel-less freedom

We have the omnichannel capabilities to provide seamless no-stitch experiences to your customers and remarkable business outcomes at lower costs.

  • Augmented reality
  • Chat
  • Email
  • E-commerce
  • Social media
  • Remote login
  • In-person
  • SMS
  • Support app
  • Web
  • Video
  • Voice

Driving impact

  • 24×7 NOC monitoring & management of infrastructure assets
  • Availability monitoring, uptime monitoring, incident management, change & problem management
  • Reduce TCO and increase efficiency with intelligent automation
  • Support lab validation and FOA of NFV platforms
  • 80-85% of test case automation improving productivity and resource utilization
  • Feature testing and regression testing of new software releases and patches
  • Service automation to improve service delivery and effectiveness
  • 4G to 5G rollout support with network health check, migration, and integration services
  • Remote network operations, troubleshooting and resolution

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