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Build resilient systems with zero-trust security

Organizations today thrive on technologically advanced ecosystems, making outdated security solutions no longer enough to solve cybersecurity threats. What you need is a partner who can anticipate the risks and take preemptive action against them. At Movate, we identify and eliminate any threats to your security with our robust cybersecurity services.

As your business grows, so will the threats and vulnerabilities it faces. Businesses today are so heavily dependent on technology that even the slightest disruption can put everything at risk, including their reputation, assets, and finances.

Movate’s cybersecurity services ensure you never have to deal with such a situation. With our deep knowledge and experience in the world’s top cybersecurity products and platforms, our team develops a proactive and agile strategy that will increase your resilience to security threats.

Our services include assessment and consultancy, implementation services, monitoring and management, and technical support. So, what are you waiting for? Increase your resilience against cyber threats with Movate.

Integrated security operations center (iSOC)

Detecting and managing threats and vulnerabilities throughout your network and technology system can overwhelm your security team easily. Our integrated security operations center ensures that this scenario doesn’t become likely. Our iSOC quickly assesses the level of security in your operations and prevents any threats from materializing.

  • Real-time monitoring of endpoint devices to detect threats
  • Deep analysis to identify gaps in existing security controls
  • Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
  • Zero-trust security design recommendations

Predictive threat intelligence

Instead of focusing your security strategy on identifying attacks after they happen, Movate focuses on predicting the kind of attacks that might occur. We use discovery, lightweight, and comprehensive scans to identify and contain cybersecurity threats in advance.

  • Real-time threat monitoring to identify any abnormal behavior
  • Spear phishing simulated attacks to identify hackers
  • Risk sensing
  • Better incident prioritization
  • In-depth security incident analysis and response

SIEM management

Accelerate detection of risks using our SIEM management services. At Movate, we use SIEM with user behavior analytics and AI to enable quick identification and response to risks. We analyze log and event data from every app, device, and endpoint in your network to enable event correlation and accelerate incident response.

  • Correlation of related events and prioritized findings
  • Faster and efficient SecOps
  • Improved and streamlined compliance process


The evolving threat landscape, increasing complexity, and constantly changing technology have made security difficult. To manage this, Movate provides DevSecOps services that reduce vulnerabilities and increase automation in your network. We accelerate innovation by bridging the gap between IT and security through our agile DevSecOps solution.

  • Automated cloud security and continuous integration and delivery process
  • Identification and remediation of issues earlier in the process
  • Intelligent application security testing to ensure the right tests are run at the right time
  • Organizational support to enable a smooth transition to DevSecOps

Accelerate. Innovate. Movate.

This reflects who we are at the core, what we stand for, live, and breathe every single day. This powers our brand and inspires every Movator to pursue excellence at work with speed and innovation.

Experience channel-less freedom

We have the omnichannel capabilities to provide seamless no-stitch experiences to your customers and remarkable business outcomes at lower costs.

  • Augmented reality
  • Chat
  • Email
  • E-commerce
  • Social media
  • Remote login
  • In-person
  • SMS
  • Support app
  • Web
  • Video
  • Voice

Driving impact

  • Cloud-based cybersecurity for continuous threat monitoring & redressal
  • Smart web application firewall and vulnerability management
  • Advanced cloud security and DevSecOps framework application
  • Black box and white box application penetration testing for websites & mobile apps
  • Smart vulnerability assessment and automated patch management
  • Over 98% security compliance with standards
  • continuous threat monitoring with 1PB+ logs monitored continuously
  • Protection against network vulnerabilities with network and firewall management
  • Zero-trust endpoint security architecture

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