App Development and Maintenance

Spearhead application development for the experience economy

Accelerate application development with Movate’s modern solutions.

Adapt quickly to the ever-changing landscape of the digital age with the help of our application development services. Integrate a combination of end-to-end development using BRD (business requirement document) to conduct requirement elicitation, design, develop, and deploy modernize core business applications. Redefine industry-specific outcomes using agile, DevOps, business process and advisory to improve productivity and reduce time to market. Maximize digital value and gain an unbeatable competitive advantage with modern software principles, industry expertise, and strategic systems.

The end result? A business that can adapt to the new normal with ease.

Mobile/web development and maintenance

Building a digital asset today is about a lot more than just design and content. To drive your business with unparalleled user experience, you need to think carefully about everything, from choosing the right development platform to integrating new technologies. Maintaining an edge requires an ideal blend of cutting-edge tech integrations and creative ideas. Enhance your digital footprint with Movate. Promote digital transformation and create innovative, customized solutions using DevOps and cloud-native development. Differentiate your brand with human-centric digital experiences. Take advantage of our high-quality development and support frameworks for business continuity and agility. Stay competitive and let Movate transform your applications.

  • Integrate culture, methods, and tools to improve efficiency, speed to market, and product quality
  • Build a comprehensive tool stack by combining existing tools with best-in-class open source and licensed technologies
  • Drive digital transformation by adopting agile management practices
  • Enterprise agility powered by DevOps, leading to an efficient cloud adoption

Application modernization

With application modernization becoming essential in the current digital era, enterprises must realign their application landscape to become dynamic, responsive, and robust on an organizational scale. Modernize apps, enhance technical value, leverage cloud development with Movate. Eliminate unnecessary operating costs, reduce capital expenses and free up staff for revenue-generating activities in the cloud. Adopt a platform-driven cloud migration approach to ensure digital readiness, agility, and scalability. Leverage an automated approach to modernize legacy apps and their ecosystem. Upgrade technology cost-effectively, unleash corporate value and enhance speed to market with assessments and remediation.

  • Transform your legacy applications to become more agile and efficient in the cloud
  • Minimize business disruption through assured zero downtime and security monitoring
  • Leverage highly scalable frameworks to enhance your applications’ functionality
  • Develop a tailor-made modernization strategy to reduce risks and fuel growth

API and microservices

Any company that wants to move forward in the digital world needs microservices now and in the future. Give your developers more flexibility to create lean, efficient applications by breaking large applications into independent parts. Leverage our microservices capability to implement distributed, coordinated interactions across APIs. Our dedicated team ensures a smooth implementation and develops innovative solutions to emerging problems. To get the most out of microservices and APIs, our team engages with key stakeholders to guarantee best practice, governance, and agile delivery.

  • Facilitates continuous delivery and deployment of large, complex applications
  • Allows you to divide development processes into various independent teams
  • Improved fault isolation, better testability, rapid deployment, and ease of maintenance
  • Eliminates long-term stack commitments. You can rebuild an existing service using a new technology stack

Platform implementation and migration

Migrating your IT ecosystem to a cloud platform enables transformation, effective use of cutting-edge technologies, enhanced service resilience, cost savings, and business continuity. Transform, enhance, and manage your enterprise systems effectively with Movate’s platform services. We thoroughly assess your project goals, resources, road maps, dependencies, and operational needs, before implementing an enterprise platform integration. We offer platform services across major enterprise platforms, including ServiceNow, Salesforce, iVanti, and so on. Monitor organizational processes, regulate compliance, gather consumer insights, and create strategic systems. Minimize cost and complexity while facilitating digital transformation, boosting speed to market, and maintaining data integrity, security, and compliance.

  • Remove legacy integration hurdles to reap digital solution advantages
  • Better results and more profitability by reducing the dependence on traditional data centers
  • Eliminate potential risks by migrating from legacy systems
  • Ensure effective critical data management, maintenance, and governance across appropriate user groups and platforms

Amazon connect managed services

There’s never been a more crucial time to move on-premise contact center applications to the cloud than now. In disruptive times, make a smart decision that ensures always-on services, anywhere operations, and omnichannel experiences. Whatever may be your current situation, Movate’s Amazon Connect capability and accelerators rise to the occasion. Be it integrating applications or transitioning telephony to Amazon Connect or any other challenge, we ensure an end-to-end transition. As an established AWS partner, we provide end-to-end cloud transformation services, including planning, strategy, design, and implementation. Utilize our AWS expertise and vast experience to make the switch to a cloud contact center

  • Nearly 400% ROI on migrating contact center to Amazon Connect
  • Proactive real-time monitoring, alerts, notifications, and escalations
  • Automated consumer voice authentication, interactive voice response (IVR), and natural language chatbots.
  • Enhance efficiency and cut costs by integrating strong analytics tools and visualization.

accelerators for

Cloud FinArch

Best-in-class cloud FinOps solution based on financial and architectural best practices, and 200+ AI/ML-powered customizable cost optimization dashboards


Automated cloud migration assessment, and planning solution that helps to develop a clear migration blueprint


Cloud migration playbook that provides methodology, tooling and automation processes to migrate workloads to reliable cloud platforms, as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible

Cloud-native modernization

Serverless transformation leveraging cloud-native databases, applications and container modernization

Persona-based cloud delivery

Service Catalog for Line of Business and AI/ML-powered Platform Centric Operations

Front-end cloud transformation

Enabling cloud-based CX transformation and smart analytics for revenue growth

Accelerate. Innovate. Movate.

This reflects who we are at the core, what we stand for, live, and breathe every single day. This powers our brand and inspires every Movator to pursue excellence at work with speed and innovation.

Experience channel-less freedom

We have the omnichannel capabilities to provide seamless no-stitch experiences to your customers and remarkable business outcomes at lower costs.

  • Augmented reality
  • Chat
  • Email
  • E-commerce
  • Social media
  • Remote login
  • In-person
  • SMS
  • Support app
  • Web
  • Video
  • Voice

Driving impact

  • Holistic application engineering expertise from “concept” to “market”
  • Seamless integration of technology into application services
  • Automation and DevOps led agile development & support
  • AI-enabled automation to accelerate cloud-native application development
  • Microservices accelerator to ease microservices development, operational governance, modelling and publishing of APIs
  • Cross-technology predefined CICD pipelines
  • Automated content validation & UX/ UI optimization
  • Headless content management for efficient content delivery
  • Customized application development specific to market need

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