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Any organization that cannot harness the talents and skills of its women cannot survive and succeed in the world. WIN is our commitment to achieving a gender-balanced workforce and creating a workplace that cherishes and empowers its women.


At Movate, we firmly believe that we can only flourish when we help women achieve their full potential. We believe gender equality is critical to our success. The Women’s Initiative Network (WIN) Program is a result of this belief and ambition. WIN aims to foster an environment of growth and help women redefine the future. We celebrate their efforts and successes and train them to face any challenges that might come their way.

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WIN Program

WIN’s charter

We aim to establish mentorship programs & events for women employees to create a supportive environment that helps overcome challenges and provides guidance for individual and collective growth.

Our mission

To promote and enable diversity in the workplace by inspiring, motivating, and empowering women and supporting them in the pursuit of growth and learning in their careers and life.

Our mission for WIN Program
Our Initiatives towards WIN Program

Our initiatives

The program currently has three initiatives that help inspire, choose the right direction, and give a new perspective to the challenges in the corporate world.

Mentorship programs

Our mentorship program offers women the network of resources, mentors, and support they require to grow in their fields. Our priority is to advance women at all levels and to support them to reach their full potential. Our mentorship plan works on three levels: goal deciding, skill development, and personal development.

WIN Program: Fostering Gender Equality

The WINning view

The WINning View is about sharing stories. We invite leaders from all walks of life to share their stories of success, challenges, and resilience for our women leadership talk series. The WINning View aims to encourage networking and promote career development.

Regional and community events

Group events to bring together like-minded people and drive inclusivity. These WIN program events are dedicated to building a strong network of women, creating a community, and discussing ways to make the workplace more inclusive.

WIN Program

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