Movate Edison Integrated Automation

Accelerate effortless CX and build efficiency on the go with Movate Edison Integrated Automation

Integrated Automation from Movate

AI-powered automation designed for customer service workflows

Flawless customer service requires an orchestrated effort between various touchpoints in a process flow. Any lapses in the coordination and collaboration between the various moving parts can limit your associates’ potential, lead to efficiency leaks, and disturb CX. Movate Edison Integrated Automation is an AI-powered solution that drives customer service efficiencies by automating and streamlining effort-intensive processes intelligently across the support lifecycle through a multi-layered outcome-oriented approach.

Integrated Automation - overcome business challenges

The business challenges that hold you back

  • Over 20% of associates’ time is spent on dull, repetitive computer tasks
  • Human effort carries the risk of manual errors, leading to inconsistencies
  • Task-based siloed automation initiatives provide little business ROI

Evolve your customer service

  • Automate simple, repetitive tasks to complex processes like issue resolutions
  • Assisted and unassisted workflow automation based on process and user role
  • Seamless Integration with CRM, knowledgebase, RPA and LOB applications
  • AI/ML powered processing of unstructured data for complex automation
  • Easy-to-train automation bots with a prebuilt library of questions and answers
  • Self-learning and performance improvement based on the user feedback
Integrated Automation- Customer service
Integrated Automation - Outcomes

Outcomes assured

  • Up to 25% Operational Cost Reduction
  • 27-43% Overall Processing Time Reduction
  • Up to 54% Improvement in Process Accuracy

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