Make money by helping support Airbnb Hosts and guests

Become an Airbnb Community Expert on Movate OnDemand

Become an Airbnb Community Expert on Movate OnDemand

Movate OnDemand is our unique gig customer support platform that harnesses passionate and knowledgeable freelance talent to provide elevated yet empathetic support from a user perspective. We have partnered with Airbnb to offer a flexible customer support layer, powered by a team of knowledgeable Superhosts.

If you’re a passionate Airbnb Superhost who takes pride in crafting unforgettable spaces and experiences for travellers, turning their stay into a true home away from home, we have an exciting opportunity for you. Become an Airbnb Community Expert with Movate OnDemand and share your wealth of knowledge and expertise with fellow Hosts and guests. This is your chance to not only help others but also earn money by sharing your invaluable insights and experiences in hosting and traveling.

Each Superhost undergoes a thorough screening process to ensure they meet our agreement guidelines and strictly adhere to our privacy policy.

Becoming an Airbnb Community Expert

Through this platform, customer queries are efficiently directed to the most suitable experts, who receive instant notifications on their mobile devices. These experts collaborate seamlessly to deliver comprehensive assistance and are rewarded with valuable incentives and reputation points based on the quality of their responses.

If you possess the skills and passion for providing exceptional customer service, we invite you to apply!

Here’s a glimpse into the application and onboarding process


Take the first step on your new journey by signing up and registering on the portal.

Take the Skills Test

Once registered, put your skills on display with our skills test! This test is 12 questions.

Complete Your Profile

A completed profile is one that has an uploaded photo, completed language test and valid Superhost profile link.

Application Review

Take a breather and relax while your application is reviewed.


Quick and secure, just a routine identity check.

Approval & Welcome Email

You’re in! Check for a series of welcome emails from us and engage in the community!

Start Answering

Time to dive in and start answering questions for fellow Airbnb users

Learning the OnDemand Platform

Explore and get comfortable with the answer platform. We leverage onboarding tools such as Lessonly and the OnDemand Forum to help you get acclimated.

Earning Potential

High Engagement Harold
Earns ~ $4500/month

  • Daily engagement in the platform
  • Contributes to resolution of 20% of total questions.
  • This is a main source of income for them

Moderate Engagement Melissa
Earns ~ $1500/month

  • Irregular engagement in the platform ~ 4-5 days per week.
  • Contributes to resolution of 10% of total questions.
  • They consider this passive income

Low Engagement Leah
Earns ~ $350/month

  • Low engagement in the platform ~ 1-3 days per week.
  • Contributes to resolution of 3% of total questions.
  • They consider this passive income

Hear from our experts

“The work we do matters, and it’s never boring. I help people from all walks of life. We get to have amazing conversations with people. No matter what we do, we have empathy and compassion for people. The word LOVE is present and real. OnDemand has exposed me to many new technologies and always keeps me learning, I just love it!”

-Zoraia R

“What I like about the work as an Airbnb expert is interacting with people from all over the world, whenever I have some spare time, on a topic that I myself am also passionate about. Most clients are great to work with and very thankful for the support we give. There are not many things you can do that will give you that level of instant gratification, that you get from a happy and delighted client. Plus, I learned so much about the platform!”


“The Airbnb expert program has given me flexibility yet a stable income source allowing me to travel far more and work on the go. To be honest, I have always looked for a job that offered me the ability to help others with the convenience to do it when time permitted. The Airbnb expert program has not just been a new opportunity but offered me a new way of living. “

-Clyde F