‘Any Time Bag’: A vending machine that offers eco-friendly solution to single-use plastic

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Powered by solar energy, these vending machines take a step towards a more sustainable future

Hyderabad: The hustle and bustle of Balanagar’s fruit market in Kukatpally just got a lot greener and more sustainable with the introduction of the “Any Time Bag” vending machine.

Amongst the vendors and diverse array of goods, this new machine has quickly become a point of interest for many.

What sets this machine apart from the rest is not just its ability to dispense, but the make of the bags. Made from cloth, they offer a much-needed eco-friendly solution to the single-use plastic bags that have been rampant in our daily lives. Powered by solar energy, these vending machines take a step towards a more sustainable future.

Under the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity, MOVATE collaborated with the United Way of Hyderabad to bring this innovative solution to life.

Their aim is not only to provide a sustainable solution to the plastic waste crisis but also to create livelihood opportunities for women self-help groups, who stitch the cloth bags and fill the vending machine with a 500-bag capacity.

The benefits of this initiative are multi-fold. On average, a self-help group can earn up to Rs.75,000 per month, providing a much-needed source of income. At the same time, the vending machine is a convenient and affordable option for shoppers who can purchase a cloth bag for just Rs. 10. The bags are spacious and sturdy, capable of holding up to 5 kg of weight, making them perfect for carrying groceries, fruits, and vegetables.

Wasim Akhtar, Senior Manager of United Way of Hyderabad, spoke about the concerning issue of single-use plastic and its impact on our environment. “On average, a single-use plastic bag is used for just 12 minutes, but it takes 1000 years to decompose. Our beaches and oceans are now flooded with plastic waste, and the worst part is that microplastics have made their way even to the deep sea and glaciers,” he said.

Wasim stressed the importance of adopting sustainable practices and appealed to citizens to change their lifestyles and choose eco-friendly alternatives. “Life on Earth has existed for 3.7 billion years and will continue to exist, but for human survival, we need certain climatic conditions. Therefore, it’s high time we take action and follow the circular economy model as a nation,” he added.

“Any Time Bag” vending machine project, initiated by MOVATE and United Way of Hyderabad, is a groundbreaking effort towards a more sustainable future in Telangana. These machines offer more than just an alternative to plastic bags, they represent a collective commitment toward a greener and healthier planet.

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