Movate Edison Brochure

Movate Edison Brochure

Movate’s Customer Experience Transformation Platform

Movate Edison is a cloud-based modular solution that helps you gain complete control of your support processes, optimize costs, and drive exceptional experiences for superior customer acquisition, retention and renewals.

Why Movate Edison

  • Low upfront costs
  • Flexible pick-and-deploy components
  • Robust AI-based technology that drives outcomes

Gain complete control of your support ecosystem, with cost efficiencies that drive superior customer acquisition,  retention and renewals.

Imagine if you could achieve

  • Up to 25% Increase in NPS With an intelligence-driven channel-less CX strategy
  • Over 15% Increase in customer lifetime value By delivering hyper-personalized experiences
  • Over 25% Decrease in average handling time By disintegrating data silos across organizations
  • Up to 40% Lower cost per case With shift-left automation to move towards pre-empting issues

Case study #1

Business growth powered by customer insights

For a leading cloud and communications provider

  • Progressive value realization model
  • Managed services partnership model
  • Insights-driven customer engagement
  • Intelligent process automation
  • 8.6% Jump in client’s active subscriber numbers
  • 21% Reduction in customer churn
  • 33% TCO reduction in global CX operations

Case study#2

Transcending experiences with channel-less support

For a global telecom equipment provider

  • Automated case creation
  • Smart quality assurance
  • Cognitive assistants
  • Intelligent visual bots
  • 100% QA coverage of agent base for performance management
  • 84% Automated first call resolution
  • 1.5 X Higher agent productivity

Case study #3

Assured cost reduction with risk-free transformation

For a global data storage provider

  • Embedded TCO-linked pricing
  • Smart IVR
  • Cognitive assistant
  • Agent 3600 workbench
  • 9% Minimum TCO reduction
  • $ 2.7 M Committed savings over three years
  • 1.6 X Higher agent productivity

Case study #4

Winning customer loyalty with compassionate support

For the world’s leading telecom conglomerate

  • Unified channel-less experiences
  • Persona-based smart case routing
  • Enterprise integrations
  • Managed services partnership model
  • 24% Customer churn reduction
  • 100% Automated case routing
  • 19% AHT reduction of cases

Accelerate your move to the ideal digital customer ecosystem

The platform contains over 15 powerful modules that drive transformational outcomes across customer engagement,
intelligence and insights, agent amplification and smart planning and operations.

Intelligence and Insight enabled with cognitive automation, advanced analytics, persona-based smart routing, sales acceleration and customer journey mapping.

Customer Engagement using Smart IVR, cognitive VA, asynchronous messaging, omni-channel orchestration, AI-based universal search and self search.

Agent Amplification powered with Agent 3600 workbench, tech-lead dashboard, contextual RPA, digital associates (COBOT).

Smart Planning and Operation enabled with cognitive automation, advanced analytics, persona-based smart routing, sales acceleration and customer journey mapping.

Drive efficiencies and optimize costs with Edison

Customer engagement

  • Movate Edison Visual Assist
  • Movate Edison Self Assist
  • Movate Edison Virtual Assist
  • Movate Edison Mobile Assist
  • Movate Edison Digital Messaging
  • Movate Edison IVR Assist

Actionable intelligence

  • Movate Edison Log Analyzer
  • Movate Edison Cloud Contact Center
  • Movate Edison Customer Insights
  • Movate Edison Integrated Automation

Associate amplification

  • Movate Edison Associate Assist
  • Movate Edison Unified Desktop
  • Movate Edison Routing Manager
  • Movate Edison Quality Manager

Recent analyst recognitions and industry awards


Recognized as “Most Admired IT Company of the Year” at the Golden Globe Tiger Awards 2022
-June 2022


Won a Platinum award in the “Best Workplace of the Year” category at the 2022 TITAN Business Awards
-May 2022


Won Gold Stevie for “Best Management Team in IT Services” at the American Business Awards 2022
-May 2022


Won Gold Stevie for Contact Center or Customer Service Outsourcing Provider of the Year 2022” at the Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service
-March 2022


Platinum winners in “Best Innovation in Customer Service” category at the 2021 TITAN Business Awards
-November 2021


Recognized as the “Best Outsourcing Provider of the Year 2021” by ICMI
-September 2021