Modernize customer interfaces and create new revenue streams


The client is a major global networking company operating out of 25 countries and producing basic hardware such as cable modems, AC routers, range extenders, adapters, and premium hardware routers and software for various consumers, businesses, and service providers.


With changes in networking support trends and rising customer expectations, the client was under immense pressure to deliver best-in-class customer experiences and needed a customer-centric delivery framework that is resilient and sustainable. They also faced financial pressures and needed to change the cost model of the expensive support center. There were many opportunities to be more efficient with a digitized support ecosystem, but they also recognized the opportunity to drive revenue directly from their support function.


The rise of COVID had its impact across the globe. There was a change in operations to ensure support continued as usual. The client opened a new LOB (an L0.5 Welcome Center) in conjunction with their earlier LOBs. Movate implemented its proprietary award-winning RESILENCE framework globally for all employees in a phased manner as early as Mar 21. Being early adopters of the WFH model, Movate embraced the new normal with agility and determination, thus rendering utmost support and efficient service with zero disruption to its clients.

With the resilience framework powering operations, Movate reengineered the client’s support infrastructure by modernizing customer interfaces and accelerated the time to value to drive agility, reduce costs, and reimagine customer experiences through the following solutions for the client:

Create a Business-As-Usual Mode

  • Started operations for a new LOB (an L0.5 Welcome Center) from Manilla, helping new customers with registrations, and sales activities
  • L1 call support for Prosafe, who have active contracts and support for Home customers letting them extend device and support warranties
  • L1 support for the entire home device ecosystem under the client’s GearHead across calls, emails, and chat
  • Implemented a robust, digital-first WFH (Work From Home) model using our proprietary RESILENCE framework to let employees continue providing support.
  • The WFH mode helped the client tackle case volumes that spiked up 35% without any issues or bottlenecks to support operations

Digitized Delivery Ecosystem

  • Delivered cohesive support services through multi-channel, multi-location 24/7 delivery, including voice, email, and chat support
  • Analyzed the customer journey through operational analytics
  • Engaged highly skilled engineers who handled more than 40% of the support operations to reduce abandonment rates and increase first-call resolution rates
  • Drove digital customer engagement through a mobile platform for service renewals and subscription renewals

Premium Technical Support

  • Created new sources of revenue and reduced costs by offering a dedicated Out of Warranty and Out of Scope voice support hotline to transform the technical support hub from a Cost Center to a Profit Center
  • Drove revenue generation by increasing conversion rates by up-selling and cross-selling subscription plans, products, and services
  • Developed a device- and platform-agnostic online ecosystem to reduce support turnaround time and improve customer experience through advanced remote support tools for home computing and networking devices
  • Unified views on all user-registered devices and delivered regular updates on new firmware revisions and security patches


Most organizations spend a lot on support-related activities as they are not able to analyze data from their operations and plug the insights back into the system. Providing support becomes a huge cost for organizations (customers need personalized 24/7 multi-channel, multidevice and multilingual support). If not done right, organizations will soon spend more to retain customers than get new ones. This is where a technology-led, digitally-powered support ecosystem can make a difference.

Movate’s white-labeled solution – PTS (Premium Technical Support) digitizes the customer experience journey through advanced analytics, cutting-edge automation tools, 3600 customer view, intelligent process guidance, and actionable insights to enhance customer interactions and reduce agent effort. By analyzing customer data from multiple sources with a unified view, PTS helped agents understand relevant insights, contexts, patterns, upcoming renewals, and customer propensity. Its features like smart case routing, agent 3600 workbenches, and agent-facing digital associates help agents successfully interact with customers. Data-driven insights help agents understand the customer journey, preferences, and account entitlements and enable actions to drive new revenue channels/streams and provide upsell, cross-sell, and increase retention opportunities. Read more about PTS here.


  • Consistent PTS CSAT at 93% and L1 support at 84%
  • Better Customer Experience: Delivered a steady increase of CSAT to more than 90% and a Net Promoter Score of more than 72%
  • Reduced Support Costs: Cost savings of more than 813%
  • Enhanced Revenue Returns: Achieved 90% increase in conversion rates and 37% increase in Average Sale Price
  • Improved Resolution Rates: Maintained a resolution rate of 95% due to the complete overhaul of the support ecosystem leading to a reduced return rate of less than 1%

About Movate

Movate, formerly Movate, is a digital technology and customer experience services company committed to disrupting the industry with boundless agility, human-centered innovation, and a relentless focus on driving client outcomes. Recognized as one of the most awarded and analyst-accredited companies in its revenue range, Movate helps ambitious, growth-oriented companies across industries stay ahead of the curve by leveraging its world-class talent of over 11,700+ full-time Movators across 20 global locations and a gig network of thousands of technology experts across 60 countries, speaking over 100 languages.