Harnessing the expertise of gig peer experts to support


The client is a global leader in the domain of providing accommodation and homestay facilities to subscribers across the globe. They have an online presence via their website and mobile application through which subscribers can avail of their services.

The unexpected rise of COVID-19 put a wet blanket across the industry. With such widespread disruption, the recreation, holiday, and tourism sectors faced huge challenges across their businesses. Millions of customers had teething issues with bookings, allotments, cancellations, payments, and refunds. With different countries serving lockdown notices, customer support centers could not function at full capacity; response times were very slow, further increasing customer woes. Customer service agents felt the sharp spike of cases beyond their limits, and backlogs ran into weeks. Our client wanted a solution that could help them escape this situation smoothly and provide great CX as they were known for.

Movate solution

Movate understood the urgency to provide a scalable support solution to the client and employed a gig-support model to drive support interactions. Movate onboarded the client on its Movate OnDemand platform, which is made up and driven by gig experts. It is a self-contained ecosystem of on-demand services that combines the power of a gig platform, built on patented technology with gig peer experts, to provide an elevated, personalized, and frictionless peer-to-peer support experience across multiple channels.

Why Movate OnDemand?

 Trusted experts supporting 100+ languages

Leader in On-Demand support for Fortune 500 brands

11000+ full-time support service experts for traditional support More than 5,000 global peer-to-peer experts across 60+ countries Channels supported: Email, Messaging, Web, Voice, IVR s Digital Industry leading privacy & security standards & compliance

What is Movate OnDemand?

Movate OnDemand is an ecosystem of on-demand services that combine the power of a gig platform built on patented technology with gig peer experts to provide an elevated, personalized, and frictionless peer-to-peer support experience across multiple channels.

By employing such a model, Movate could bridge the divide quickly, scale up and set up experts who could process the tickets at large and quell huge spikes within a reasonable timeframe. These experts are chosen after a rigorous selection process, trained, and then onboarded onto the platform, where they can answer questions and get compensated for their performance. This model is unlike traditional support, which has a timed response window. Since gig experts are on call 24/7, resolution rates are much higher, and faster than traditional support bringing a new level of customer satisfaction, trust, and confidence to the table. These outright benefits help clients tap into a huge talent pool that is scalable, secure, and committed to providing the highest level of customer response as soon as possible.

The scope of work taken up by Movate using the Movate OnDemand platform is summed up below:

  1. Received a record influx of global questions regarding cancellations & refund policies during COVID-19
  2. Deployed Movate OnDemand and created new COVID-specific automation that was running within 24 hours
  3. COVID-19 response led to a 20%+ in daily deflection with automatic answers (resulting in ~$1M in savings)
  4. 1,000%+ increase YoY as community experts embraced 2X volumes overnight while clearing a 300-inquiry backlog
  5. Maintained high NPS for live chat, which was expanded to 24/7 support for English
  6. Live chat improved NPS up to 60

Business benefits

  1. $20 Mn cost savings across 2 years
  2. Resolved 95k + questions
  3. 175k questions resolved with automation 93.7% CSAT
  4. NPS of 44