Empathetic Support Through a Gig Support Model

Empathetic Support


The client is a provider of telecommunications, media, and technology services. The company offers wireless communications, data/broadband and internet services, local and long-distance telephone services, telecommunications equipment, managed networking, and wholesale services.


The client was experiencing massive daily call volumes and didn’t have any surge coverage mechanism to quell down the load. Many agents were helping customers on issues outside their call scope, and they often did tasks that weren’t their priority. With high attrition and long training time, the agent queues were overwhelmed.  These challenges brought low CX, repeat calls, and extended call wait states. The client wanted a solution to ease the pressure on the voice channel, enable call shedding, and increase CX to give customers a premium support experience.


Movate studied the client’s situation and came up with the following scope of work.

  • Increase digital adoption by augmenting the client’s IVR routing mechanism with a more powerful AI/ML-based predictive routing to engage customers with relevant self-help links automatically
  • To tap into MOVATE™ OnDemand – a gig support platform to bring the right experts to handle customer call queues


Most calls came through the voice channel, accounting for 85% of incoming support volume. The first step to digital adoption was to find out how many calls could be addressed through a digital channel and offload those calls from the voice queue. To help achieve this, Movate augmented the client’s IVR with its predictive AL/ML-based call routing feature that intelligently understood the “intent” behind the question and automatically routed the caller to a self-help-based, direct response link, which helped the customer resolve the issue and shed calls.

Using algorithms powered by AI and ML, the system analyzes each word by the customer, compares that to a case history database, and picks out the most relevant answers with the help of a scoring matrix. The output of this operation is sent back to the IVR with a self-help link that the customers can act upon, thereby closing the case. The system redirects the caller to the ‘best-fit’ response while considering metrics like CSAT, resolution rate, turnaround time, efficiency, and AHT.

The foresight provided by such intent analytics helped the customer reduce the massive call volume consistently and efficiently. These analytics also proved helpful in accelerating the process when handling incoming requests of similar nature, as the system would automatically route them to a self-help link and close the case. The system is also integrated into a chat mechanism that would handle the case if the customer wanted more help.


Movate helped the client tap into its gig support model (MOVATE™ OnDemand), which utilizes freelance experts to pitch in and come to the rescue by providing their expertise in solving customer challenges. The IVR’s call flow would deflect the customer’s call to a gig expert as soon as it identifies the call as a perfect fit for an expert to handle. A customized text message is sent that helps the customer talk with the expert to solve the case.

Gig-based support is a welcome departure from the traditional mode of contact center support because:

  • Responses are faster, quicker, and to the point
  • There is 24/7 help available as responses written are always curated and continually pruned
  • No training or setup costs as these experts are already trained and certified in their domains
  • Dynamic scalability as per the need
  • Customers get the right expert to match the right question with a high level of accuracy

By enabling the client’s support queue onto MOVATE™ OnDemand, multiple experts view the customer’s problem/challenge. They only answer questions that match their expertise. Responses are continually pruned and upvoted by different experts to form the best answer/response to the question and are sent to the customer for action. Replies that experts curate usually have a high degree of accuracy and usually resolve the case – in the first instant. This is one of the reasons why gig-based support provides an empathetic approach to customer needs and is very different from the rigid, canned responses that usually come from traditional call centers.

These automated answers are curated by experts who have previously answered similar questions. Every solution has a performance attribute, helping the system find answers with the highest performance.  As new questions arrive, the system selects the best answer by looking at its performance attributes and sends that to the customer via a text link. Automated answers deliver instantaneous responses that slash waiting time or the need for experts in the first place.  These answers can then be re-used across the site, in the search, or the chat experience.

MOVATE™ OnDemand can also tap into a traditional support model utilizing MOVATE™ Edison to continue providing support to returning customers who may have priority-based agent-specific needs. The entire resolution tree is captured and sent to the agents handling the call.


Hiring experts is never a problem because there is colossal talent available worldwide where you can find the specific skillsets your requirements need and match them. The advantages are:

  • No dearth in sourcing talent
  • No setup/ramp-up time – dynamic scalability
  • No training needs as these experts are self-trained and certified
  • Experts available for every need
  • Flexible work environment


  • Reduced repeat calls by 15%
  • 90% CSAT
  • Can handle more than 10x volume surge
  • Average Response time < 30 seconds
  • Resolved 30% of calls with expert-curated automation content

About Movate

Movate, formerly CSS Corp, is a digital technology and customer experience services company committed to disrupting the industry with boundless agility, human-centered innovation, and relentless focus on driving client outcomes. It helps ambitious, growth-oriented companies across industries stay ahead of the curve by leveraging its diverse talent of over 11,700 full-time Movators across 20 global locations and a gig network of thousands of technology experts across 60 countries, speaking over 100 languages. Movate has emerged as one of the most awarded and analyst-accredited companies in its revenue range.