Driving vaccination uptake among people with diabetes using deep analytics


The client is a major global biopharmaceutical company with manufacturing facilities in 36 countries that provides healthcare solutions to over 170 countries globally.

Client Challenge

The client was deeply concerned with the decline in sales of flu vaccines and the lack of information among its target customers on the importance of getting vaccinated. They wanted to understand the factors impacting the adoption rate of vaccines and customer behavior around the flu season, with insights on how to drive WHO compliance for healthcare maturity. They also wanted a predictive framework to forecast flu outbreaks through vaccination rates, weather data, demographics, and other information.

Movate solution

Movate established a Google Cloud Platform and created a delivery model to support and enable flu vaccine interventions across multiple countries while automating the entire flu forecasting framework through three digital disruptors:

1.  Simulation modeling

  1. Business intelligence and visualization tools

3.    Social media analytics

 Simulation modeling – powered by Movate Insights

Created a simulation modeling framework to identify the best time for vaccine interventions to drive sales

Drove sales enablement initiatives by defining performance measures and formulating a hypothesis to increase vaccine adoption among target users

Established a primary data platform to conduct surveys and enrich the survey data with weather, flu trends, and third-party health surveys

Built ML models to uncover factors impacting flu vaccine compliance and created customer segments based on the identified factors

Utilized predictive modeling techniques to predict flu outbreaks three weeks in advance

About Movate Insights

 Movate’s Insights is a modular, cloud-based, secure and scalable data platform that aggregates data (structured, unstructured, historical) from multiple sources and produces real-time business insights through the power of AI/ML models.

The platform collates data and runs advanced algorithms over the datasets

to arrive at recognizable patterns, trends and recommends actionable insights which businesses and enterprises can use for faster issue resolutions. Read more about Movate Insights

2.    Business intelligence and visualization tools

 Collated, integrated, and processed real-time data based on key parameters like patient perceptions of vaccines, factors affecting vaccine adoption, and the impact of vaccine education

Gained a complete understanding on promoting vaccines by knowing patient perceptions of flu and vaccines, quantifying target user perceptions and their degree of influence on taking vaccines, simulat- ing real-time results when certain perceptions are changed, and targeting vaccine interventions based on historical data

Integrated a real-time dashboard to track flu outbreak risks, vaccination rates, patient behavior, and online search trends on flu vaccines

3.    Social media analytics

Analyzed online search trends to understand patient perceptions on flu and flu vaccines

Utilized natural language processing algorithms to mine and understand social media comments and sentiments on flu vaccines

Improved sales strategies by understanding user social sentiments and the gaps in understanding flu as a disease

Streamlined information flow to target users by knowing social talk trends and search tendencies

Movate’s solution addressed the following challenges for the client:

 Improved patient perception towards vaccination and revived vaccine sales Increased visibility into patients’ journey and behavior to drive vaccination uptake

Predictability to forecast flu outbreaks through weather data and vaccination rates based on demographics

Real-time insights on how to better protect the public’s health and improve the quality of patient care

Deployed a rapid prototype with a scalable bespoke solution minimizing the time from data to insights to action