Driving a culture of innovation and collaboration


The client is a large retail provider of CPG (consumer packaged goods) worldwide with over 420+ brands in 192 countries. More than 2.5 billion people use their products daily.

The client’s large and massive portfolio often posed challenges in driving and coordinating marketing strategies at a global level. The size, scale, and reach of their products warranted innovative marketing solutions that had to be customized out of the box.

The client was looking to have a global, open, and collaborative platform for experts which could reduce their planning time, ensure efficient project control and access, increase teamwork across projects, and foster innovation through “Voice of the Employee.” The client wanted a digital-first approach to drive innovation, overhaul, and consolidate how projects are handled throughout the organization.

Movate solution

Movate onboarded the client on the Atlassian product suite and noted the following points as the scope of work:

Set up a robust and centralized user access management and knowledge base management solution

Establish an automated work environment across the client’s ecosystem of digital assets of more than 420+ projects

Build weekly audit and reporting capability to monitor access violations

Provide training to team members on the Atlassian products suite and conduct product walk-throughs to influence product adoption and project collaboration

Movate is a trusted Gold Solution Partner with Atlassian and builds innovative solutions for clients that take advantage of Atlassian’s tools. Combined with industry best practices, our solutions empower our clients to work smarter and faster in challenging environments.

With over 420+ projects and their associated teams spread around the world, the first thing we did was to implement a robust and centralized user management system to ensure authenticated users can access their projects with ease. A knowledge base (single source of truth) using Atlassian’s confluence was also set up to ensure that the required teams get the right information at the right time by consolidating disparate release notes and projects documents. An ITIL-based support system was created to handle ticket management, incident change requests, and SLA configurations with email and support automation,and was customized using Atlassian Jira Service Management.

We used automation with the support of Atlassian’s Bitbucket and Bamboo to offer a single, comprehensive interface that allows global teams to create, plan and manage projects from coding to testing and deployment, reducing the need for different tools and increasing efficiency. Hackathons were also conducted to drive a spirit of innovation and excellence across teams. The engagement has seen a span of six years and the use of agile tools like Kanban and Scrum. The team has also implemented DevOps by utilizing another Atlassian product – Jira for Work Management and this covers a scope of more than 1000+ tools that are integrated into a singular work environment.

Key products from the Atlassian product suite


Confluence is a team workspace where knowledge and collaboration meet. Dynamic pages give your team a place to create, capture, and collaborate on any project or idea. Spaces help your team structure, organize, and share work, so every team member has visibility into institutional knowledge and access to the information they need to do their best work.


Bitbucket is more than just Git code management. Bitbucket provides teams one place to collaborate on code from concept to cloud, build quality code through automated testing, and confidently deploy code.