Movate Edison Visual Assist

Drive immersive experiences and hassle-free resolutions with Movate Edison Visual Assist

Augmented customer experience with intelligent visual support

Movate is one of the first companies to offer Augmented Reality (AR) as a novel and distinct channel for premium support. Provide your customers a visually immersive and highly engaging support channel with Movate Edison Visual Assist and eliminate their pain of conveying their needs accurately, which is where most traditional support channels fail. It goes much beyond the simple overlaying of digital information over the physical product. It is smart enough to understand the user’s interaction with the product, detect any issues, and recommend the best course of action. With an in-built voice assistant and enterprise-grade security, it is sure to skyrocket your CX to the next level.

Industry-leading features of visual assist

No hardware required

Our services do not require the use of AR headsets. Any smart device with a built-in camera would suffice. Basically just a smartphone is enough.

No software required

None. No app download is required. Whichever support channel your users are on they are provide a URL to start AR support. THey simply need to click on the URL to launch their AR experience.

Simple interface

Easy to use interface and navigation to reduce customer effort acrros channels like voice, messaging apps (WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook messenger, Twitter and many others).

Data security

We take user data security seriously. Our AR services and apps are fully GDPR compliant and we do not store any user images or data without permission.

The business challenges that hold you back

  • Static text or video-based product manuals are inconvenient and not engaging
  • No Fault Found (NFF) field dispatches result in a waste of time and resources
  • Over 25% of cases require at least one additional visit to solve customer issue

Delight your customers

  • Visual self-service issue resolution provides step-by-step instructions with interactive AR overlay
  • Central search console to access information from all business process applications
  • Remote live AR-based support bridges the visual gap between customer and associate

Outcomes assured

  • Up to 25% Service Cost Reduction
  • 26-42% Truck Roll Reduction
  • Up to 80% NFF Field Dispatch Elimination

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