Movate Edison Virtual Assist

Move from scripted bot interactions to intelligent conversations with Movate Edison Virtual Assist

Seamless 24/7 support with intelligent virtual assistants

AI-powered bots have advanced self-service to the next level with automated and more natural customer interactions. But static and scripted bots can leave your customers more frustrated than empowered. Movate Edison Virtual Assist is a powerful virtual assistant built on advanced conversational intelligence and natural language engine to deliver contextual, intent-driven and empathetic customer experience. Integrated with all digital channels, it learns and picks up patterns from every interaction, understands customer intent and sentiment, engages in interactive dialogs, and answers complex questions, while keeping the conversations people-like.

Industry-leading features of Movate Edison Virtual Assist

Conversational intelligence

  • Learn and improve with every interaction
  • Understands context and intent in multiple languages
  • Responds and resolves with complex dialogue capabilities

Tools integrations

  • Process automation tools to execute tasks
  • Advanced analytics for hyper-personalization
  • CRM and knowledge for seamless experiences

Channel-less support

  • Web-based digital assets
  • Mobile-based apps
  • Social media & messaging

Live associate escalation

  • Automatically create case in CRM
  • Smooth handover to associate
  • Provide contextual information to associate

The business challenges that hold you back

  • Traditional FAQs and self-service pages are static and difficult to find
  • High call volumes stretch associates and budgets thin
  • High handling time as customers wait on hold for issue resolution

Elevate self-service experience with Movate Edison Virtual Assist

  • Easy 24/7 access to intelligent virtual assistant across your digital channels
  • Deflect high volume Tier 0 and Tier 1 interactions away from associates
  • Drive AHT and FCR with automated query response and guided resolutions

Outcomes assured

  • Up to 25% Operational Cost Reduction
  • 24-37% CSAT Score Improvement
  • Over 16% Improvement in Customer Lifetime Value

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