Movate Edison Unified Desktop

Leverage the power of high Employee Experience (EX) to drive superlative CX with Movate Edison Unified Desktop

Modern unified desktop for contact center teams

Are your customer service teams empowered with optimal information about your customers? Your associates need a complete picture of customers to resolve issues quickly. Revolutionize EX with Movate Edison Unified Desktop that integrates seamlessly with CRM systems, case management systems and multiple applications to simplify the issue resolution process and speed up your associates’ efficiency. As the CX tech stack keeps expanding, Unified Desktop is the answer to your search for the one platform that harmonizes your customer service operations.

Traditional live chat vs. Movate Edison Associate Assist powered experience

Traditional live chat experience

  • Research product information
  • Research KM articles
  • Craft and type response
  • Delay in providing resolution

Associate assist powered experience

  • KM recommendations
  • Response recommendations
  • Next best experience
  • Copy, paste, and edit bot’s response in live chat

The business challenges that hold you back

  • Daunting mosaic of applications and tools that associates need to interact with
  • Resolution complexity and customer service tech stack continues to expand
  • Time-consuming resolutions leading to taxing customer interactions and churn

Boost your associate experience

  • Single-view dashboard with case, customer, knowledgebase and all relevant information
  • Integrated automation and voice of customer insights drive compelling EX and CX
  • Truly channel-less CX with a single window of interaction across all support channels

Outcomes assured

  • Up to 40% Associate Productivity Improvement
  • 40-90 Seconds AHT Reduction
  • Over 12% CSAT Score Improvement

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