Movate Edison self assist

Reduce customer effort with an all-in-one smart self-service solution Movate Edison Self Assist

Advanced self-service solution for hassle-free support

Are your customers struggling to find the right information to resolve their queries in the web of information on your digital assets? Make self-service easy and reduce customer effort with Movate Edison Self Assist, a comprehensive AI-based modern self-service solution. It assimilates relevant information from multiple data sources such as your websites, knowledge portals, user communities, and self-service sites and simplifies the information retrieval process with intuitive and interactive interfaces.

Industry-leading features of Self-Assist

  • Cognitive universal search
  • Multi-source context-aware dynamic FAQs
  • CRM & support tools integration
  • Voice-enabled intuitive interface
  • Self diagnostics & automated workflows
  • Real-time alerts and proactive notifications

The business challenges that hold you back

  • Most customers prefer finding information for simple issues on their own
  • Long turnaround to find information that is buried in massive knowledge bases
  • Lack of a single smart search experience interface

Simplify self-service experience

  • Cognitive universal search to identify the intent and provide accurate results
  • Central search console to access information from all business process applications
  • Single solution integrated with multiple applications and data sources

Outcomes assured

  • Up to 32% Faster Access to Knowledge and Self-service
  • 55-80% Chat and Call Deflection
  • Up to 25% Operational Cost Reduction

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