Movate Edison Mobile Assist

Put advanced next-gen support in your customer’s hands with Movate Edison Mobile Assist

Anytime, anywhere resolutions with mobile-based support

From social connect and real-time news to entertainment and services, mobile phones have become a conduit for almost all experiences in the modern life. But if the extent of your mobile support is limited to calling, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity to offer personalized and impactful customer experiences. MOVATE EDISON Mobile Assist is an easy-to-deploy mobile application for your brand to provide a single window for all customer service needs – one-tap cognitive assistant, visual IVR, instant appointment and field service scheduling, integrated live support, and intelligent self-service. Its intuitive AI and NLP technology driven core understands customer needs and drives next best experience in real-time.

Industry-leading features of Movate Edison Mobile Assist

Conversational interface

Natural language capability to understand the intent of the query and provide resolution

Tools integration

Easily integrates with most CRM and ticket management tools via API

Computer vision

Analyses issue image or snapshot for accurate resolutions


Proactive push notification on the case updates, brand promotions, DIY, etc.

Smart dynamic search

Displays top call drivers seamlessly and dynamically based on user view

24/7 In-app support

Built-in cognitive assistant, live chat and call functions

Visual IVR

Deflects support call by providing possible resolution via interactive site map

The business challenges that hold you back

  • Most customers prefer calling support only as a last resort
  • Traditional self-service webpages are static and inconvenient
  • Archaic service experiences turn customers away from brands

Modernize service experience with Movate Edison Mobile Assist

  • Next-gen mobile app to serve customer service needs end-to-end
  • 24/7 support with integrated one-tap cognitive assistant and intelligent self-service
  • Drives customer loyalty with proactive DIY, brand updates and notifications

Outcomes assured

  • Up to 25% Operational Cost Reduction
  • 14-27% NPS Score Improvement
  • 55-80% Chat and Call Deflection

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