Movate Edison IVR Assist

Replace frustrating legacy IVR experiences with conversational AI powered Movate Edison IVR Assist

Automated inbound call processing with smart IVR

Customer service leaders are navigating a torrid time in handling huge call volumes from customers who have increasingly high expectations. If your challenge is with legacy IVR systems being anything but interactive, then you’re not alone. The answer? —A new-age smart IVR solution that’s personalized and responsive. MOVATE EDISON IVR Assist is a cloud-based voice-to web solution that accelerates resolution, and deflects callers to low-cost channels such as SMS, chat, email, or a virtual assistant with intelligent automation. It is a comprehensive smart call management solution that helps you reduce costs, increase call efficiencies and boost customer experiences.

The business challenges that hold you back

  • Legacy IVR with keypad input and overly complicated menu prompts
  • High abandonment rate with repeated calls and long wait times
  • High operating costs for voice-based support channel

Automate calling experience with Movate Edison IVR Assist

  • People-like IVR interactions with voice bots powered by conversational AI
  • Intelligent call-back integration for scheduling a call-back on preferred time
  • Caller intent identification and automated operations with Visual IVR
  • Call deflection to the customer’s preferred channel – Email, SMS, Chat, or web forms
  • Smart routing of calls to associate in relevant department
  • Integrations with LOB applications, CRM and automation tools for customized services

Outcomes assured

  • 55-80% Inbound Requests Processed Automatically
  • Up to 54% Faster Issue Resolutions
  • Up to 25% Operational Cost Reduction

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