Movate Edison Associate Assist

Boost associate experience, efficiency and productivity with Movate Edison Associate Assist

A smart virtual assistant for your associates

Modern contact centers are beehives of activities with the associate in the center of all the action. They have to handle case after case with utmost care and efficiency. The demanding work and a lack of the right tools can impact their performance and may even lead to burn-out. Enable your associates with Movate Edison Associate Assist, their own conversational virtual assistant that guides them intelligently through the resolution process, augments their experience and increases their potential.

Traditional live chat vs. Movate Edison Associate Assist powered experience

Traditional live chat experience

  • Research product information
  • Research KM articles
  • Craft and type response
  • Delay in providing resolution

Associate Assist powered experience

  • KM recommendations
  • Response recommendations
  • Next best experience
  • Copy, paste, and edit bot’s response in live chat

The business challenges that hold you back

  • Customers expect faster, accurate and more personalized resolutions
  • Associates need to interact with a mosaic of systems, applications and tools
  • Time-consuming interactions leading to high customer and associate effort

Empower your associates

  • Personal virtual assistant for every associate to guide them through better resolutions
  • Dynamically displays relevant resources seamlessly in a content-rich format
  • NLU engine recommends suitable actions for providing Next Best Experience

Outcomes assured

  • Up to 40% Associate Productivity Improvement
  • Up to 54% Faster Issue Resolutions
  • Over 12% CSAT Score Improvement

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