Movate Wins Gold Stevie for Customer Service Outsourcing Provider of the Year 2024

Movate Wins Gold Stevie for Customer Service Outsourcing Provider of the Year 2024

Movate won the Gold Stevie for Customer Service Outsourcing Provider of the Year 2024 at the 18th annual Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service, a recognition of excellence in customer service, contact centers, and sales across various industries.  As a global customer experience and technology services provider, Movate was hailed for its significant contributions and leadership in customer service and contact center solutions, leveraging the gig ecosystem, alongside its cutting-edge AI-powered platforms.

Why Movate Stands Out in the Tech Industry?

Movate is a leading force in the tech industry, renowned for its innovative solutions and global impact. Here’s what makes us stand out as a winner:

  • Innovative Platforms: Movate’s innovation philosophy extends beyond technology to encompass business models, amplifying the impact of our client engagements. Our suite of proprietary AI-powered platforms like Movate Edison, a CX transformation platform; Directly OnDemand, a gig services platform; Movate Contelli, an AIOps platform; and Movate Insights, a business intelligence platform, revolutionize customer experiences and boosts operational efficiencies. The recent launch of Movate Athena, our GenAI platform, continues to push the boundaries, garnering acclaim for elevating customer service and streamlining operations.
  • Unique Engagement Models: We pioneered the transformation of contact centers using cutting-edge technologies, offering a variety of engagement models tailored to client needs. Whether it’s outcome-based managed services, gain-sharing, or consumption-based pricing, our models ensure that our clients pay for the real value they receive. This flexibility not only enhances customer satisfaction but also drives profitability.
  • Global Expansion: Movate expanded its global presence through newly launched delivery centers in China, Colombia, Texas, Costa Rica, and Philippines, along with the acquisition of OnDemand and TSD Global, a leading international provider of outsourced sales and customer experience services enhancing our operational capabilities and market reach.

What the Jury Has to Say?

The jury’s feedback applauded Movate’s leadership and innovation, emphasizing our CX transformation framework that integrates flexible work models powered by AI platforms. This approach caters to the dynamic CX market, balancing evolving customer expectations, business objectives, profitability focus, and accelerated AI evolution. Movate’s innovative initiatives and expansive global reach set new industry standards, enriching client experiences and establishing us as a leader in digital services and customer experience.

Movate has managed to set the standard for excellence with the inclusion of the new tools over the past couple years. By bringing in AI and GigCX to the offerings, they will continue to be the BPO of choice. Way to keep raising the bar! – Excerpts from a jury

Here are a few noteworthy comments from the jury that underscore Movate’s leadership and innovation:

  • Movate is leading the way in contact center solutions across the tech space. The implementation of Movate Athena will help create unique experiences for each client. They’re creating innovative platforms and building trust in the industry. Great work!
  • Movate’s achievements, including the launch of Movate Athena and global expansion, showcase their leadership and innovation in the tech industry. Their client trust, demonstrated by long-term partnerships and numerous accolades, sets them apart. Movate’s approach of providing outcome-based models and differentiated engagement models highlights their commitment to client success and industry leadership.

At Movate, our CX transformation strategy stands out for its innovative blend of the gig workforce and full-time employees, bolstered by cutting-edge automation, AI, and analytics. Our distinctive business engagement models further differentiate us in the market. By seamlessly integrating technology and services, we adeptly address contemporary customer challenges with an outcome-oriented approach.

We are a digital transformation partner of choice for some of the world’s largest B2C and B2B brands. Our organization is uniquely positioned –  ‘Small enough to care and large enough to scale.’