Forrester lists Movate (formerly CSS Corp) as a modern application development consulting boutique

Modern Application Development Consulting

Forrester defines Modern Application Development Consulting (MAD) service providers as those who work collaboratively with their clients to create custom modern applications, assist in the transformation and modernization of their clients’ software development practices, and help clients adopt modern practices and technologies.

Forrester highlights that collaborating with external partners has been the traditional route companies take to custom-build engaging and differentiating applications and products; tech leaders are increasingly seeking help to modernizing internal development capabilities. Forrester’s June 2021 Service Provider Pulse Survey echoed this trend, indicating that 80% of participants strongly concur that they seek external partners’ support.

Businesses need to keep developing new tech products and applications to compete and differentiate themselves. Leaning meagerly on in-house development capabilities will not cut it.

In Forrester’s Now Tech: Modern Application Development Services, Q1 2022, CSS Corp is included in the list as a MAD consulting boutique (Primary functionality segment). A few of the other functionalities listed under MAD include core services, low-code development, change management, and more. Among the 43 players in the report, CSS Corp was included in the MAD Consulting Boutiques functionality segment, which is noted as having a “high” segment functionality in –

  • AI/ML consulting
  • Vertical industry expertise capabilities
  • MAD Product management and product owner services
  • MAD change management (e.g., agile coaches, behavioral change)

Most companies seek help to deliver modern products and applications, speed digital transformation with the latest custom development capabilities and increase business value as measured by outcome-based metrics. The report delineates service providers in terms of revenues: large, midsize, and small. Service functionality breaks down to Global System Integrators (GSIs), regional or local system integrators, MAD consulting boutiques (CSS Corp), and modern technology services providers.

Craft modern products and modernize development via the right service partner. Seek a new way of delivering modern software.

In shortlisting potential partners, Forrester goes into the details to recommend

  • Taking a situation sourcing approach when working with MAD services providers
  • Orchestrating multiple vendors but with intelligence
  • Building, learning, and transforming together

The landscape is evolving, and customer expectations are changing, and so are products and applications. Forrester advises selecting vendors based on market presence and services functionality. CSS Corp continues its strong march in modern application development by helping clients hasten their digital agendas and enhancing custom development for delivering business outcomes.

Find out about the strategic transformations undertaken by CSS Corp. Contact us for an in-depth case study on how the team built modern applications for global clients. It’s time to adapt for tomorrow.

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