Talent leaders must invest in future-proofing their workplaces: CSS Corp’s TA head

Future-proofing workplace
People Matter | June 29, 2022 | Future-Proofing Workplace

Technology companies must invest in having a rock-solid talent hiring, upskilling, and retaining strategy in place in the hybrid era of work, says Thendral Rajendran, vice president and regional head – TA, CSS Corp. Learn why CSS Corp’s TA head emphasizes the importance of investing in future-proofing workplaces for talent leaders.

The competitive labour market, high rate of resignation, and the shortage of skilled talent are some of the challenges facing businesses globally. Companies are working hard to make the new remote and on-site mix function well in the post-pandemic environment. Thendral Rajendran, vice president and regional head – TA, CSS Corp., asserts that to succeed through times of transition and uncertainty, leaders must establish a solid culture that values diversity, equity, and inclusion and is receptive to employee feedback. Programmes and initiatives that guarantee employee career advancement, as well as their physical and mental health, are essential. Thendral discusses the hybrid work paradigm, recruiting trends, and skills-based hiring in an interview with us.

Thendral Rajendran is vice president and regional head – TA, CSS Corp. Thendral has over 19 years of experience across talent acquisition, HR business partner, talent management, HR operations, engagement and retention. Her talent acquisition expertise extends over a decade with Accenture and Sutherland.