Forrester Report Mentions Movate

Forrester Report mentions Movate

Forrester Report mentions Movate, The Customer Analytics Service Providers Landscape, Q1 2023 mentioned Movate in its list of providers and customer analytics capabilities across business scenarios. The report gives an overview of 38 providers to help companies solidify their customer data foundation, build and deploy analytical models, and infuse insights into customer experiences. Forrester advises that to realize business benefits, clients have to choose from a diverse pool of providers who vary by size, type of offering, geography, and business scenario differentiation. The report helps business leaders understand the value they can derive from a customer analytics service provider, learn how they differ, and select the right provider based on size and market focus.

Forrester Report mentions Movate that defines customer analytics service providers as: Professional services that help clients transform customer data into analytical insight to optimize customer decisions and design customer focused programs and initiatives that drive acquisition, retention, cross sell/upsell, and improve the customer experience.

Customer Analytics Service Providers (CASPs) possess varying maturity levels regarding capabilities. While the Customer Analytics services market is posited as “established” in this report, Forrester recommends clients pay attention to the market dynamics detailed in the report as they face a plethora of options to choose from. A top disruptor is the existing (GDPR, CCPA) and imminent regulations (The EU AI Act) on the use of customer data.

An array of notable service providers have been classified based on their product revenue categories (large, medium, small); technology and data leaders can shortlist a specific provider based on their market. The report identifies core business scenarios (like personalization) and extended business scenarios (like Next Best Experience) frequently sought by buyers. Forrester maps out specific capabilities with each of the business scenarios. Based on the tabulated information, buyers can choose the scenario most relevant to their business requirements. Forrester determined the extended business scenarios that highlight differentiation among providers and tabulated each provider’s responses.

The landscape report is available for Forrester members or individual purchases. Contact us for a briefing session on Movate’s in-depth Customer Analytics capabilities across business scenarios.