Forrester mentions Movate (formerly CSS Corp) among global cybersecurity consulting providers who offer a range of services

Forrester recognizes Movate's services

Forrester’s Overview of 36 Global Cybersecurity Consulting Providers reveals how vendors can help Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) work better with the board of directors from strategic advisory to tactical deployment and implementation services. Forrester recognizes Movate’s services among global cybersecurity consulting providers offering diverse and comprehensive services.

The Now Tech: Global Cybersecurity Consulting Providers, Q3 2021 report includes CSS Corp among providers who offer the expertise, capacity, scale, and reach to S&R (Security and Risk) leaders.

Forrester defines global cybersecurity consulting as:

Services that solve complex cybersecurity challenges by evaluating, developing, and improving all aspects of an enterprise security and risk program. Domains include setting cybersecurity strategy and vision, implementing security solutions, responding to threats and incidents, assisting with compliance initiatives for compliance, assessing the security health of systems.

The report details how CISOs work with global cybersecurity services providers to accomplish these objectives:

  • Help them act as an authority by building credibility with the board and senior leaders.
  • Allow security to prevent minor problems from becoming major emergencies.
  • Measure, optimize, and quantify the true impact and value of security.

The analysis of various providers considers 2 factors: market presence and functionality. Market presence further classifies the vendors based on their cybersecurity consulting revenues—large established players, midsize players, and small players. Functionality takes a deeper look at the market to split vendors across various segments with varying capabilities: consultancies, Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), IT outsourcers or SIs (System Integrators).


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Considering the disruptions in the market caused by the pandemic, the report concludes by detailing the top 4 things CISOs should do. Click here to access the complete report (For Forrester clients or purchase).