Drive smart CX via CSS Corp’s smart mobility services

smart mobility services

The mobility sector has unarguably undergone disruption like any other industry amidst the pandemic. Various subsegments within the sector experienced impacts of their own, and they’re recovering at varying paces. The shift in focus from product to service and now from smart mobility services to CX truly stands out.



Premium CX demand entails personalization, contextualized sales interactions, one-to-one care, and luxury experiences across the customer journey.

CSS Corp’s dedicated mobility practice and launch of SMART (Secure, Micromobility Autonomous Ridesharing Telematics) Mobility services mark the foray into the mobility space. SMART Mobility addresses business challenges through robust solutions that leverage digital technologies such as Analytics, NLP, AI, and Virtual Assistants. In addition, the focus on mobility will witness digital transformation initiatives that redefine experiences via a host of services: CX management, digital engineering, and geospatial services.

CX management covers L2 and L3 client support involving complex cases and white-glove support for premium customers. Concierge services (outbound & inbound) entail white-glove proactive support, scheduling and managing sales appointments, and proactively contacting customers to check satisfaction levels and their use of vehicle technology. Customer support for complex cases involves interacting with owners, dealers, and service technicians over several days.


Digital engineering services comprise Agent 360° Unified Desktop, virtual assistant, cognitive analytics, and insights.

Agent 360° Unified Desktop is the analytics dashboard that acts as a single point of reference to help agents navigate their interactions with customers. The solution involves agent analytics and API integration that automates recalled vehicle information and vehicle servicing schedules. It leverages connected vehicle data for self-diagnostics, knowledge base, SOPs, agent manuals, and guides. The knowledge base draws articles from various sources: dealers, parts manufacturers, and insurance providers.  Along with Virtual Assistants, the solution incorporates prebuilt automotive workflows infused with contextual awareness and omnichannel engagement capabilities that augment the human agent experience. It offers the functionality to segment the vehicle and the owner.


CSS Corp enables the Mobile Assistant with a Visual IVR (Interactive Voice Response) in the customer support app and integrates performance analytics and special sales offers. In addition, the app delivers analytics and insights about customer journeys and operational information based on vehicle identification numbers and vehicle usage information.

The SMART Mobility practice brings geospatial capabilities to deliver spatial analytics and insights. Geospatial engineering services in data management and LIDAR mapping for autonomous vehicles are part of this category; the geospatial suite includes data services such as collation and modeling to support autonomous driving. Other services include mapping, content development, enrichment, and maintenance for navigation and high-definition 3D mapping.


Through SMART Mobility Services, CSS Corp is raising the bar and challenging the status quo set by existing service providers in the automotive segment. Be it recall management, dealer support, or premium care—smart CX across the customer lifecycle is a reality through CSS Corp. Contact us to know more.