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Is outsourcing your call center services to Colombia the right move?

In the dynamic world of business process outsourcing (BPO), call center services stand as a pillar of customer-centric strategies. Growing numbers of enterprises are seeking cost-effective and quality-driven alternatives beyond their borders.

Colombia ranks among the top destinations for call centers and business process outsourcing (BPO). With over 50 million people, it boasts the 3rd largest labor force and 4th largest BPO market in Latin America. AT Kearney has recognized Colombia as a global top 10 outsourcing destination.

Key advantages of outsourcing to Colombia

Colombia, with its strategic geographical and cultural position, has quietly ascended the ranks, becoming a beacon within the outsourcing landscape. Outsourcing call center services to Colombia presents an increasingly attractive proposition for US-based companies, underscored by Colombia’s economic stability and supportive government policies towards the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector. Critical advantages making Colombia a favorable destination include its vibrant cultural affinity with the United States, easing the communication and understanding of American customers’ needs.

The ability to offer multilingual customer support greatly broadens a company’s appeal to a wide array of customers. In Colombia, for instance, call centers are embracing modern technologies with gusto, including cloud-based services and comprehensive communication strategies. These improvements drastically increase the quality and efficiency of interactions with customers, providing more profound insights into their preferences and boosting both satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, ongoing initiatives by both government and private sectors to enhance essential infrastructure, such as internet connectivity, are pivotal in ensuring call centers operate smoothly. This helps cement Colombia’s position as a premier choice for outsourcing call center activities.

Facing the challenges

Colombia is making active efforts to enhance its infrastructure in order to ensure compliance with US data and privacy regulations, as well as adhere to IT infrastructure standards. These improvements are aimed at supporting the seamless operation of call centers.

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A major obstacle in this journey has been staying abreast with rapidly evolving technology – a key factor in remaining competitive and meeting the rigorous demands of US regulations, particularly in areas of data privacy and security. Overcoming these obstacles requires a steadfast commitment to constantly enriching the skills of the workforce and making significant improvements to the IT backbone. This ensures that the services rendered are in line with global standards. Additionally, addressing foundational issues like reliable internet access and smooth transportation is essential for the seamless operation of these centers.

In response, a collaborative front has been established between Colombia’s local government and the private sector, aiming at infrastructural improvements to support the smooth functioning of call centers. This partnership underlines a comprehensive strategy to bolster Colombia’s standing as a premier BPO destination, addressing operational challenges while harnessing its full potential to cater to global business needs.

Forecast of how Generative AI, digital customer service, and CUIs will dramatically innovate customer support by the year 2028

Some future trends and advancements

As the outsourcing industry evolves, several noteworthy trends and future developments are taking shape. Reflecting a shift in consumer behavior, Colombian call centers are not static; they are vibrant, evolving entities. Expanding into digital realms, they now offer support across multiple channels – email, chat, social platforms – tapping into the pulse of modern-day communication preferences.

Generative AI is on track to transform the landscape of call center outsourcing in numerous global locations like the Philippines, India, and Colombia. Estimates point towards a contribution of $28 billion by technologies fuelled by AI, especially Generative AI, with a CAGR of 30.4% projected over the following five years. With AI-powered customer support and virtual aide systems becoming increasingly significant, advanced technologies like 5G and edge computing are anticipated to emerge as game changers in the industry.

According to Gartner, by the year 2025, it is anticipated that 75 percent of data will be handled outside of conventional data centers or cloud. 5G technology tightens the fiber-like connectivity, while edge computing brings data processing power closer to the source, significantly reducing latency. These technologies can revolutionize customer interaction, making it faster and more efficient.

In this era of relentless technological advancement, organizations seek to enhance their BPO operations and customer service through cutting-edge solutions. To navigate the future of call center services with superior technological integration, explore how Movate can elevate your BPO strategy today.

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