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Costa Rica CPG industry rides the next wave of technological transformation

Costa Rica, traditionally known as a beautiful travel destination, has rapidly transformed into a significant hub for technology and IT services, altering the landscape of global offshoring. With outbound call center services, this Central American country now stands as a leading exporter of IT services per capita in Latin America, contributing significantly to its GDP with IT service exports forming 7% of the national output. Over 169 companies operate within this sector, providing services mainly to North America, Asia, and Europe. Costa Rica CPG industry is leading this contribution.

Among the most leading services include contact center solutions outsourcing for the Costa Rica CPG industry. As per Statista, the CPG sector in Costa Rica is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.97% during the period 2024-2028. New goods, emerging markets, out of the world categories and numerous sales and marketing channels have created the need for outsourcing such services. The allure of Costa Rica as an IT outsourcing destination is manifold. The country offers strategic advantages like favorable time zone alignment for global collaboration, a thriving innovative ecosystem supported by a skilled, multilingual customer support workforce, and a robust educational system enhancing English proficiency and technical skills. The nation’s favorable tax policies, including exemptions from various corporate and export taxes under the Free Trade Zone regime, further enhance its attractiveness to foreign investors.

Moreover, Costa Rica hosts a range of Fortune 500 tech giants validating its nickname as the “Silicon Valley of Latin America.” The capital, San José, is about to become a hub for the global software industry of significance on the professional and industrial map of the world by the year of 2025. Technology is evolving on the scale of Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and education is of immense importance for using those cutting-edge areas. Hence, Costa Rica is a place where the landscape of technological and economic growth is full of possibilities, which means that the country can become the global IT and services markets leader.

Digital and CX Transformation trends for CPG

New developments in Costa Rica CPG industry:

New technologies have invaded the Costa Rica CPG industry, making it highly competitive and consumer-driven. Here are five key digital trends for CPG businesses shortly:

  • Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Technologies: Due to the rise of D2C platforms, the consumer goods industry is being transformed, allowing brands to interact individually with users, run marketing strategies, and bring forth sales progress.
  • Connected packaging and serialized QR codes: CPG companies are leveraging technology like serialized QR codes for enhanced customer interaction and product authentication. These codes link to a database, providing customers with detailed product information and enabling brands to communicate directly with consumers, share sustainability efforts, and even facilitate direct online ordering.
  • Virtual commerce and metaverse: Investment in the Metaverse is creating new avenues for virtual consumer engagement and marketing campaigns. This technology combines real and virtual shopping, offering a new domain to CPG brands to launch instant and fun campaigns.
  • Emerging technologies (AR, VR, AI, 5G): Adopting sophisticated technologies such as AR, VR, AI, and 5G is important to achieve enhanced CX through advanced and creative technologies and contact center AI services. Such technologies enable the immediate, entertaining, and engrossing channel of communication with the brands which eventually speeds up the customer desire and in turn produces high customer loyalty.

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  • Innovation with robotics: Thanks to robotics, retail has newer systems for inventory management and warehouse operations throughout the whole supply chain, while producing more efficient and innovative solutions.

Overall, these trends very clearly state the need for outsourced services, to ensure quality of services along with cost-optimization and innovation. Markets like India, Philippines and Columbia, which have Movate delivery centers are seeing a huge uptick in outsourced services, with organizations like Movate setting up specialized centers.

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