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Colombia: The rising star in global call center outsourcing

With call center outsourcing and BPO contact center outsourcing services rising in popularity worldwide, Colombia has become one of the most reputable places hosting these services. Kearney had assessed Colombia to be the top 10 global outsourcing places long back. Colombia’s attractiveness is linked to the fact that it has a large number of well-educated people and that the BPO market there is robust and fast-paced. The country’s labor force which comes in third in numbers in Latin America is considered as one of the major pillars that make it distinguishable from countries like Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and Chile, which are the region’s regular leaders in the trade market.

Colombia has been into the outsourcing business as early as 1981, with a client base that focused mainly on United States companies. Foreign direct investment dropped off during the later years, but the nation rediscovered the boom of outsourcing business around 2013 when the Inter-American Development Bank highlighted its advantages. This resurgent interest has been boosted by economic policies and treaties like the 2021 Double Standard Agreement with the US, which allows tax exemption for US companies outsourcing to Columbia.

Colombia’s rise in the call center sector is particularly notable against the backdrop of decreasing attractiveness of other Latin American countries. For instance, Brazil has struggled with a lack of multilingual customer support agents and ongoing economic and political turmoil. Argentina and Chile have faced regulatory and commercial challenges, compounded by recent inflation, making them less competitive.

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Why outsource to Columbia?

The following factors make outsourcing to Columbia attractive for organizations.

Labor pool

  • Colombia boasts the 3rd largest labor force and the 4th largest call center market in Latin America, with operations across six major cities (name the cities, please!).
  • The workforce is large, educated, and proficient in English, which is ideal for offering contact center solutions. It also brings about significant cost savings of about 50% compared to US nearshore operations.

Business climate

  • The BPO sector in Colombia contributes to over 13% of South America’s BPO sales, with contact centers accounting for more than half of the telecommunications market.
  • The country has robust labor laws protecting workers, and remote work options are widely available for call center agents.


  • Colombia is well-connected internationally, supported by 11 submarine communication cables. It boasts high-speed internet, and advanced technological, telephone, and utility infrastructure, further enhanced by support from the US government.

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When in Colombia, partner with the right call center outsourcing partner for growth and quality.

Favorable Time-zone

  • Sharing a time zone with most of the eastern US, Colombia maintains a strong economic and cultural relationship with the United States. Its stable, business-friendly economy and solid education system continually produce a skilled and eager workforce.

Colombia differentiates itself with its high availability of agents, excellent Spanish-language capabilities, and positive growth outlook. Bogotá, the capital, is the epicenter of call center outsourcing in Colombia, generating over half of the country’s BPO revenue. The industry has also expanded to tier I and tier II cities like Barranquilla to distribute economic opportunities more evenly and prevent congestion in a single location.

Colombia’s call center outsourcing industry represents a blend of opportunity and growth. Its strategic advantages in cost, quality, and location continue to attract major players from the US, Canada, and Spain. As the global landscape for outsourcing evolves, Colombia, along with locations like India, Costa Rica, and the Philippines, which have Movate delivery centers, stands poised to meet the growing demand for nearshore call center services, promising a robust future for the BPO sector. Movate’s ability to adapt and evolve in the face of global BPO trends positions it as a competitive and capable player in the international market.

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