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BPO outsourcing to Costa Rica: It’s a win-win for everyone

Costa Rica is considered an excellent world tourist destination. However, BPO outsourcing to Costa Rica is becoming very popular. As per forecasts, the world BPO industry will have a value of USD 500 billion by 2028, which is quite a good opportunity for Costa Rica to stake its leadership in this industry. Costa Rica is a favourite destination primarily due to the fact that education and constant upskilling are a given prime importance here. This has led to the growth of a skilled labor force, which has propelled the Business process outsourcing (BPO) market. This dedication, along with integration of technology like robot process automation (RPA), AI and ML has enhanced productivity and quality in customer service interactions.

Here are reasons why Costa Rica is a top choice for BPO contact center outsourcing:

  • Skilled workforce and established market: Costa Rica enjoys having an educated workforce of five million people who can speak English and Spanish fluently. Revenue in the BPO Outsourcing to Costa Rica market is projected to reach US$19.73m by end of 2024 as can be demonstrated by the operations of global giants like Amazon, Walmart, 3M and Intel.
  • Government support and infrastructure: Digitalization is approached successfully through the government’s support for technical skills and higher education among the workforce. English language proficiency is the most relevant skill since middle school age, and it is free to access additional language studies all over the country. This has helped create a multilingual customer support infrastructure. Besides, the Costa Rican government puts aside 7.4% of the total GDP towards cultivating talent in the country. 
  • Cost savings and business environment: Outsourcing BPO services to Costa Rica provides a significant cost-cutting with labor costs savings upto 40%-60% in comparison to US. BPO services are situated in prime locations like urban business districts, university towns, and commercial hubs with state-of-the-art facilities being fully compliant with international standards such as PCI, SOC II, ISO, and HIPAA.

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  • Legal framework for outsourcing: Like in any other outsourced destination, understanding the legal framework of the country is critical. The two kinds of contracts here are regular employment and temporary employment. A variety of work shifts meet different business needs, balancing work schedules with labor regulations rules. Employee benefits such as aguinaldo (Christmas bonus), maternity leave, and paid off-days establish a firm ground for a healthy workplace.
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The future of BPO outsourcing to Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s BPO future is brimming with promise. The nation is embracing innovation, actively integrating technologies like chatbots to streamline routine tasks. This frees up skilled agents to tackle complex customer interactions, ensuring both efficiency and top-notch service. Costa Rica’s unwavering commitment to sustainability resonates deeply within the BPO sector.  Environmentally conscious businesses appreciate a partner that aligns with their values, making Costa Rica a prime destination for BPO partnerships.  

When it comes to the highly competitive BPO sector, like India, the Philippines and Colombia, where Movate provides services, Costa Rica has also created a market of its own. The combination of a highly skilled multi lingual workforce, latest and innovative technology, and the “pura vida” ambiance has led to the creation of a destination that has a great future as BPO outsourcing services are concerned.

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