SVP Sales – Digital Services

Syriac Joswin

About Syriac Joswin

Syriac Joswin is a Senior Vice President of Sales for Digital Services at Movate, based in New Jersey, USA. With a rich background in business transformation and strategy on a global scale, he is an integral member of the management team at Movate.

In his current capacity, Syriac leads the Digital Services business at Movate, where he orchestrates the development and execution of comprehensive strategic plans to drive growth and innovation. His multifaceted role encompasses overseeing global sales initiatives, cultivating, and nurturing key client relationships, and providing visionary leadership to ensure the continual evolution and success of the business.

Syriac excels as a persuasive dealmaker, earning the admiration of both clients and colleagues alike. Having spent over a decade in Europe, he brings a unique blend of cultural adaptability, interpersonal finesse, and profound insights into conducting business across diverse markets. Syriac’s consistent excellence in leadership and business acumen has garnered him numerous accolades throughout his career.

Prior to joining Movate, Syriac held pivotal roles at LTIMindtree, where he led global business teams overseeing the Communication, Media, and Technology Industry Group. He is a graduate of the prestigious Wharton Business School, holding a degree in business, and an MBA specializing in Marketing and Finance.