Taking care of workplace bonding, in a post-pandemic world

ETHR World | May 31, 2022

Moving from traditional methods, employee engagement and bonding at work are going new ways. In an exclusive interaction with ETHRWorld, HR leaders share how they are implementing new ways to create engagement and boost morale.

Key Takeaways

  • If employees don’t feel happy, or appreciated enough, it can affect the overall growth.
  • Recognition programmes, meetings, fostering creativity can help people link, share ideas and think towards a greater goal.

Navigating between the inside and outside, organisations are now set to change, adapt and adopt policies that will help employees get close to the new normal.

While productivity and performance have been the constant concerns, with the return of employees to the office, workplace engagement, and bonding between the employees need attention too. With the pandemic curbs, social distancing and health practices in place, balancing the right equation is a code to crack.

Workplace happiness

Before the pandemic disrupted lives and workplaces, people used to engage in different ways, but the shutting down of offices, and subsequent long periods of isolation have affected us socially and emotionally. As we look forward to getting back to office, would the same ways still help cultivate happiness at work?

Would the employees feel the same about lunches and corporate engagements, with six feet of distance between them and masks on, without shaking hands and hugging friends? Would there still be office trips, get-togethers like they used to?

Exploring the developments, Anish Philip, Chief People Officer, CSS Corp, says, “The pandemic has forced organisations to reimagine their employee engagement practices, aligning themselves with the new reality. No matter how efficient your business is, if employees aren’t happy or won’t feel appreciated enough, it can adversely impact the overall growth.”