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Generative AI is ushering in a new era of enterprise intelligence. Its adoption is on the rise, and we are already witnessing its application to augment human efforts and transform digital experiences. Movate GenAI enables enterprises to reinvent their business operations and achieve unprecedented CX by providing end-to-end services, ready-to-use accelerators, and expertise on leading Generative AI products in the market. By combining the power of AI innovation, a strong governance model, and human-centered design, Movate GenAI provides a strong foundation for embedding it into enterprise systems and applications to address the unique needs of each enterprise while managing the ethical and data security concerns proactively.

With a focus on these use cases across the enterprise value chain, Movate GenAI amplifies employee experience, improves customer engagement, and helps generate valuable insights. It also allows enterprises to boost their productivity by revolutionizing product design and development and lifecycle automation.

Create Customized Generative AI-Powered Experiences

Movate GenAI is a fully managed, low-risk, and ROI-efficient solution to kickstart your Generative AI journey, whether you are looking to integrate existing GPT-enabled products like Einstein GPT/ Freshworks/ Moveworks/ niche products or to build custom solutions for your enterprise on platforms like Azure OpenAI for deeper knowledge synthesis and enterprise-specific intelligence. With a strong partner ecosystem and a global team of SMEs, we are making enterprises future-ready and unlocking the endless possibilities that it can bring.

Drive Business Outcomes

Movate GenAI Services

Generative AI Consulting Services

Identify opportunities to reinvent business operations, conduct technology landscape assessment, recommend suitable tech stack, and deliver competitive advantage with personalized consulting expertise.

Development and Deployment

Empower enterprises with end-to-end Generative AI-powered application development and seamless deployment. Embed it into existing systems to drive automation and optimization.

Integration and Customization

Seamlessly integrate AI-powered solutions leveraging ChatGPT, Salesforce Einstein, etc., into existing systems. Provide API-based access and control to optimize workflows and unlock new levels of productivity and personalization.

Training and Validation

Knowledge curation services to train Generative AI applications, chatbots and virtual assistants using enterprise data. Ensure accurate, robust, and ethically aligned models deliver reliable, high-quality results.

Technical Support and Maintenance

Reliable technical support and maintenance ensuring smooth operation, performance optimization, and timely issue resolution for uninterrupted productivity.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Continuous monitoring and evaluation services for its powered applications. Ensure performance tracking, model refinement, and adherence to desired outcomes for optimal results.

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Choose one of the Movate GenAI packages based on your enterprise needs and get started on your Generative AI journey today.

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Movate GenAI Accelerators


Automate customer support tasks by enabling self-service, proper routing, etc.

Topic Modeler

Grouping of similar clusters and classes and providing the impact on business KPIs

Governance Models

Explore, search, identify, and recommend resolutions for different issues

Data Tuning Orchestrator

Automate parsing and transformation of data from disparate sources to train ChatGPT

Automated Behavioral Analysis

Classify empathy, soft skills, and sentiment of the support team and provide personalized actions

Automated KPI Trends Analysis

Provide automated actionable insights, trends, and deviation from metrics

Expertise Across Technologies & Platforms

Movate is partnered with leading Generative platforms and has an expert team of solution architects and experts working on these platforms

Why Movate?

Rapid Time-to-market

Express onboarding with initial use case identification and results in as little as 6 weeks and a comprehensive fast-tracked Generative AI transformation roadmap

Partnership Ecosystem

A strong partnership ecosystem with industry-leading technology companies like Microsoft, Salesforce, etc., to develop, deliver and support comprehensive joint solutions for customers.

Generative AI CoE

Dedicated CoE with a global team of enterprise architects, prompt engineers, data scientists, AI developers, and UX designers to develop Generative AI-powered applications and systems tailored to customers’ needs.

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