Seamless JIRA Service Desk Migration for a Multinational Mobile Advertising Technology Company

Seamless JIRA

About the Client

The case study examines how a leading mobile advertising provider collaborated with Movate to effectively adopt a cloud framework and drive innovation, producing outstanding results.

The Client Challenge

The client required a thorough and all-encompassing service, including a migration assessment concentrating on Jira and M&A. This involved a detailed analysis of the current Jira infrastructure, identifying crucial factors such as dependencies and customizations and aligning them with industry best practices. The migration assessment ensures a smooth transition, allowing organizations to plan and address potential challenges. The project involved migrating on-premises Jira instances to Jira Service Desk, a cloud-based solution, to improve scalability, accessibility, and collaboration. We also implemented Atlassian access to enhance security and governance.

In response to the customer’s needs, we dedicated our expertise to ensuring a smooth migration of onpremise Jira instances to the dynamic Jira Service Desk (JSD), complemented by the strategic implementation of Atlassian Access. This comprehensive approach addressed the technical intricacies of migration and underscored our commitment to enhancing service management capabilities and fortifying security measures.