How Movate mastered talent retention in a turbulent job market

Movate mastered talent retention
  • Media: ETHR World
  • Spokesperson: Anish Philip

Discover the innovative strategies that fuel Movate’s thriving workforce amidst market turbulence. A peek into their gig economy impact, Hi-Tech innovation, and commitment to talent development & diversity.


  • Movate doubled its workforce by focusing on employee loyalty and holistic retention strategies.
  • Their ‘OnDemand’ platform offers empathetic support and promotes diversity in the gig economy.
  • Movate balances technology and human input to drive innovation and inclusivity.
  • They use AI for talent mapping and invest in continuous learning, while also prioritizing employee well-being and gender diversity.

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the management of human resources and employee well-being has taken center stage as a critical factor for the success and sustainability of any organization. With companies facing heightened attrition rates and the ongoing demand for jobs, the ability to attract, retain, and nurture talent has become more vital than ever before. At the same time, disruptive innovations, changing technology, and dynamic market conditions present new challenges to the Human Resources teams responsible for shaping a company’s workforce.

In an exclusive interaction with ETHRWorld, Anish Philip, Chief People Officer, Movate (formerly known as CSS Corp), highlighted the organization’s strategies and initiatives. Delve into how Movate, retains its candidates while fostering a vibrant and inclusive organizational culture.

Thriving Amidst Attrition Challenges

In a rapidly changing job market, companies are facing an uphill battle to retain their talent. But Movate has not only weathered the storm but thrived.

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