Uniphore and CSS Corp Partner to Drive Conversational AI Innovation for Enhanced Customer Experience

Conversational AI Innovation

Bangalore, INDIA – May 31, 2022 | Conversational AI Innovation

CSS Corp, a global customer experience (CX) and technology provider, and Uniphore, a leader in Conversational Automation, have today announced a strategic partnership and agreement. This partnership will help businesses elevate their customer experiences proactively by analyzing customer conversations and ensuring they are truly heard and understood. It will also drive IT innovation in the contact center landscape by leveraging Uniphore’s industry-leading conversational AI technology and CSS Corp’s expertise in systems integration and implementation to develop next-gen value propositions for customers.

With over two decades of expertise in IT services, consulting, managed services, and enterprise and consumer technology support, CSS Corp has been leveraging key product and platform partnerships to deliver exceptional customer experiences. A leader in providing the most comprehensive, powerful, and business-friendly solutions, Uniphore combines conversational AI, computer vision, emotion and tonal analysis, workflow automation, in a single integrated platform to transform and democratize customer experiences across industries. CSS Corp’s domain expertise and market reach combined with Uniphore’s unique platform that detects customers’ emotions, sentiment, and intent, will transform how organizations optimize their service experience efficiently, and drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Often, customer voices go unheard, sentiments get overlooked, and needs go unnoticed due to siloed interactions across different channels. To improve CX, organizations need to keep evolving their ways to find out what users think, feel, and want,” said Sid Victor, SVP, Sales and Solutions at CSS Corp.“We are thrilled that this partnership brings together unique capabilities to arm businesses with new tools and technologies that offer personalized experiences to customers throughout their journey, starting from when they contact a company until their issue is resolved. We are confident that by leveraging new-age technologies, data-driven smart decision making, and offering unique value propositions for customers, we are well-positioned to disrupt the market.”

“With business models continuing to shift to remote work, customer experience has never been more important than today,” said Jafar Syed, SVP, Global Head of Channel, Strategic Alliances and Partnerships.“Combining Uniphore’s industry-leading conversational AI technology with CSS Corp’s deep experience in enterprise and consumer technology support, is a winning recipe for driving the best customer experience for businesses across the globe.”

CSS Corp is also part of Uniphore’s Unite partner program. The program includes essential resources to support the partner lifecycle and allow them to leverage Uniphore’s best-of-breed, innovative technology to expand their portfolio and profitability.