Beauty in the Clouds: One of the Global Cosmetics Giant’s Remarkable Metamorphoses with Movate & AWS

Beauty Industry Evolution

Staying current and adaptable is a crucial need in the ever-changing technology landscape. The answer lies in embracing the power of cloud computing, and one success story that shines brightly is the transformation journey of a global cosmetics giant, achieved through a well-crafted application modernization approach powered by Movate’s innovative framework.

Amid intense market shifts, the cosmetics leader embraced agility because their applications showed strain and struggled to meet evolving business requirements. The cloud migration decision marked their transformative journey’s outset, reshaping their tech landscape.

Challenges on the Path to Modernization

Undertaking a journey of this magnitude has its challenges. The cosmetics company faced a series of obstacles:

  • Global Disjointed Systems and Interfaces: The customer’s on-premises environment has evolved globally across 30 countries, leading to over 340 applications and interfaces. Aligning these disparate elements while ensuring seamless business continuity presented a formidable challenge. 
  • Legacy Lock-in: Their monolithic architecture was woven with the threads of legacy .NET and ASP.Net-based applications, interlaced with custom-built applications tied to proprietary licenses. However, this architecture posed the direct challenges of legacy lock-in. Disentangling these silos and ensuring minimal disruption presented an immediate puzzle to be solved. 
  • Disparate Priorities across the Organization: As the migration and modernization journey progressed, distinct departments revealed varying priorities, requiring precise alignment. Concurrently, transitioning users and stakeholders to the new environment introduced an additional layer of intricacy. Balancing these different priorities while fostering the cultural transition required meticulous planning, transparent communication, and a unified organizational approach.
  • Unavailability of Application SMEs and Documentations: The scarcity of application Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) combined with limited application documentation introduced significant knowledge gaps, complicating the modernization project. The absence of comprehensive documentation outlining application architecture and interfaces posed a hurdle in understanding the intricate workings of existing systems, leading to potential roadblocks during the modernization process.
  • Data Security and Data Sovereignty Requirements: Safeguarding sensitive data and adhering to stringent data security and data sovereignty requirements were paramount. Balancing accessibility with security presented multifaceted challenges.
  • Testing and Quality Assurance: Thorough testing, including functionality, performance, and security testing, is essential to ensure that migrated applications work as expected in the new environment. The lack of a proper test plan and automated testing framework added unplanned delays in post-migration cutover.

Movate’s Application Modernization Framework: A Guiding Hand

Navigating through these challenges, the cosmetic leader found a guiding hand in Movate’s application modernization framework.

Beauty Industry Evolution: Movate application modernization framework
Figure 01: Movate application Modernization Framework
Beauty Industry Evolution: server mapping
Figure 02: The Organization’s Server Mapping discovered by AWS Application Discovery Agent

The Results: Unleashing Cloud Excellence

As the migration journey reached its destination, the cosmetics leader witnessed the transformational power of their application modernization effort:


The global cosmetics giant’s journey from legacy systems to cloud excellence is a testament to the power of innovation and a well-defined application modernization framework. Through Movate’s guidance and accelerators, the organization modernized its applications and transformed its entire business approach.

In today’s ever-evolving landscape, embracing change is the key to staying ahead. This success story reminds us that organizations can turn challenges into opportunities and lead the way toward a brighter digital future with the right strategy, tools, and partners.

Are you ready to embark on your modernization journey? Let Movate’s framework and accelerators be your compass, guiding you to cloud excellence and technological innovation. The future awaits, and it’s brighter than ever before.

About the Author

Pallab, a Senior Director, and Enterprise Solution Architect, drives cloud initiatives and practices at Movate. With over 16 years of experience spanning diverse domains and global locations, he’s a proficient Multi-Cloud Specialist. Across major cloud Hyperscalers, Pallab excels in orchestrating successful migrations of 25+ workloads. His expertise extends to security, Bigdata, IoT, and Edge Computing. Notably, he’s masterminded over 10 cutting-edge use cases in Data Analytics, AI/ML, IoT, and Edge Computing, solidifying his reputation as a trailblazer in the tech landscape.