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BPO services in Costa Rica: Script stories of innovation & quality

In the ever-evolving global business landscape within digital transformation, Costa Rica has emerged as a hub for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services, offering a strategic advantage to investors. Many Latin American countries offer bilingual BPO services but with much lower levels of working conditions and unstable governments. However, Costa Rica is stable and secure. It is peaceful, is among the region’s oldest democracies, has political stability, a solid infrastructure, and an impressive 95% literacy rate. BPO services in Costa Rica offer the highest quality, college-educated, and 100% dedicated agent support for wages that are 40%-80% lower than in the United States. The direct result is the continuous growth of the nearshore outsourcing industry. A lucrative Free Trade Agreement with the United States has many American companies making substantial investments in Costa Rican BPO contact centers.

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6 incredible advantages of outsourcing BPO services in Costa Rica

  • Skilled labor: The World Economic Forum has endorsed Costa Rica as the top human capital in Latin America. Consequently, there are nearly 3500 engineers and 7000 graduates who pass out every year. Hence, with such a workforce benefit, you can use resources to scale your organization while hiring experienced staff like software engineers, management, or BPO experts.
  • Superior infrastructure and technology: San Jose is called the “Silicon Valley of Latina America”. The Global Innovation Index classifies Costa Rica as the third-most innovative country in Latin America. The country has also been developing its digital technology to encourage BPO services in Costa Rica. It boasts full redundancy in telecommunication to ensure connectivity even if any network device or path fails. As a result of these efforts, the service sector, including BPO contact center solutions, customer support, IT outsourcing, etc., accounts for around 49% of Costa Rica’s foreign trade exports.
  • Low attrition among developers: An outsourcing company would prefer to work with a development team that’s likely to stay for a longer time. This way, the company can enjoy uninterrupted workflow and save overhead costs like frequent hiring. Additionally, continuing with the same team ensures data security which is vital while outsourcing BPO services.

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  • Ease of communication: Located in Central America, Costa Rica uses the Central Standard Time Zone. This is just two hours behind countries like Canada and the US. The real-time communication and overlapping work hours make Costa Rica a convenient nearshore outsourcing destination for Canadian and US companies.
  • Business-friendly government initiatives: One of the critical factors that transformed the country into the technological hub of Latin America is the Costa Rican government’s commitment to education. The Costa Rican government puts aside 7.4% of the total GDP towards cultivating talent in the country. As a result, it’s one of the most educated populations in Latin America, with a literacy rate of 97.86%.  Additionally, the Costa Rican government cultivates a favorable business environment by setting up free trade zones like the Lindora Park and the Euro Center. These areas offer cost-effective benefits like tax incentives under the Free Trade Zone Regime to encourage multinational companies to set up businesses and invest in the country.
  • Good language proficiency: The English Proficiency Index rates Costa Rica as moderately proficient, placing it at the 44th rank among 112 countries. This makes it the fourth-largest country in Latin America to speak fluent English.

All these make Costa Rica, along with locations like India, the Philippines, and Colombia an attractive BPO destination. However, to have a smooth transition, it is important to partner with the right BPO service provider like Movate to navigate complex laws and ensure proper employee benefits, along with quality of service.

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