Movate Edison Customer Insights

Know your customer expectations, preferences, and pain points with Movate Edison Customer Insights

Unified actionable view of the voice of your customer

Customers today expect brands to deliver hyper-personalized and contextual experiences, else they are quick to switch brands. What if you could understand your customers better, pre-empt and fix their issues in real time, identify if they are at risk of churn and take necessary steps proactively? Movate Edison Customer Insights is an advanced analytics solution that gathers the Voice of Customer from calls, chats, emails, digital footprint, social media activity, surveys and their buying behaviour to create actionable insights in real time. Customer service leaders can use these insights to power superior customer experience, improve products and processes, and drive associate experience.

Industry-leading features of Movate Edison Customer Insights

  • Customer satisfaction: Identifying the factors that drive customer satisfaction e.g CSAT, NPS
  • Social media analytics: Sentiment analysis through social media listening & monitoring
  • Process optimization: Insights to measure & improve customer service e.g FCR, AHT & other key metrics
  • Interaction analytics: Bringing together product information with interaction data and customer data for faster resolution
  • Product diagnostic analytics: Customer preference & MTBF* for the product i.e most & least preferred features
  • Journey diagnostic: Customer 360 degree, collect context across channels & optimization customer journey e.g upsell/cross-sell

The business challenges that hold you back

  • Changing customer expectations across a range of channels and mediums
  • Risk of customer churn if customer expectations are not met
  • Missed business opportunities without a full view of customer issues

Embrace data-powered customer service

  • Holistic solution that seamlessly integrates customer data from multiple channels
  • Smart insights to resolve issues in real time and pre-empt future issues
  • Advanced sentiment analytics reveals trends and areas of opportunity or concern

Outcomes assured

  • Up to 24% Reduction in Customer Churn
  • 25 – 35% Improved First Contact Resolution
  • Up to 22% Reduction in Average Handling Time

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